In today’s online world, reviews can make or break your business. This is especially true when it comes to those in hotel management. Most people today begin their search for a hotel room online. They read the reviews they find and this information alone can sway them toward choosing to reserve a room or scrolling the page to find another option that has better reviews.

Most people in hotel management work hard to make sure their guests have a pleasant stay and assume online reviews will reflect that. But that’s not always the case. One disgruntled guest can tarnish Hotel Managementyour online reputation, especially if all your satisfied guests aren’t telling others about their great stay. You need to be proactive and make sure that the reviews potential guests read about your hotel encourage them to stay with you and not with one of your competitors. Here are 5 tips to help hotel management do just that:

  • Ask for good reviews. A lot of happy customers don’t think about leaving an online review. Taking just a second to ask them to do so will prompt many of them to go ahead and leave a good review.
  • Monitor online reviews. A hotel manager can take just a couple of minutes per day to see what is being said about their hotel online. This will help them keep tabs on anything that is negative and needs to be examined further.
  • Address poor reviews. Those hotel managers who find negative reviews online should take a moment to address them if it is possible to do so. This shows other readers you care about your guests.
  • Focus on the offline experience. Online reviews are important, but it is even more important for the hotel manager to focus on the guests’ experience. This is what the reviews are all about. Making sure your guests are happy will lead to more favorable online reviews.

And remember, it’s important to pay attention to online reviews, but don’t get obsessed with them! Focus on your guests’ experience and follow the steps above. Over time it will pay off and you’ll have a great online reputation.