Are you normally awake all night and as soon as you go to sleep your alarm beeps? Are you a night owl? Do you oversleep in the morning and reach late to the office? All the above questions are normal occurrences in current era among the young generation. Most of the people in today’s world stay up late for several reasons because of which their start late or with restlessness. However they don’t understand these two are not the only problems this change in the lifecycle impacts the health too.

So here are some ways to help in becoming a morning bird instead of a night owl.

Coffee Intake:

Coffee Intake

We all are aware about the concept of caffeine. It helps people to stay awake. So it will be better if you keep a track of your coffee intake and if possible try to avoid any consumption of coffee in the evening. It will only keep you awake for longer hours.

Sleep Environment:

Sleep Environment

As per research it is found out that a good night sleep requires a proper environment which includes right amount of light, temperature and sound. It is said that the temperature of the room should be somewhere between 60-70 F and the room should be dark and quiet for a good and relaxing sleep.

No To Bright Lights:

No to Bright lights

Make sure to close of all the gadgets which are bound to throw bright lights on your eyes, be it TV or phone or anything else. It is said that, “Artificial lighting from TVs, phones, or laptops can shift circadian rhythms, which makes it harder to fall asleep.” Consider these things before hitting the hay.



Try to do a little bit of workout on daily basis; it will not only impact your sleep but also your health. If you are not a morning person then this point will look like your enemy however it is just the opposite. Start with few days a week and eventually it will turn into a daily habit. Workout will keep you energised throughout the day and will help you to sleep in early at night.

Bed on Time:

Bed On Time

Try to go bed on time so that you can have your 7-8 hours of relaxed sleep and can wake up happy without any grouchiness. All the doctors suggest that adults need a certain amount of sleep in a single go and it constitutes minimum of 7 hours so don’t ignore the point as it can have several negative impacts on your health and body.

No More Snoozes:

No More Snoozes

Doesn’t matter how tempting “snooze button” looks like in the morning but don’t touch it at any cost. Wake up as soon as the alarm goes off. A little laziness while waking up can cause you restlessness whole day and obviously will make you late for all your commitments.

Keep Your Watch 10 Minutes Faster:

Keep Your Watch 10 Minutes Faster

This one is the oldest tricks in the diary. Forwarding your watch by ten minutes will help you to avoid getting late for your morning endeavors as well as will make you sleep early in the night. The trick is no laughing matter as it helps several people in their daily routines. And remember it also helped you to reach school on time during your early life as your mom did this too.