Today’s restaurants have access to intelligent technology that has never before in history been available so easily and affordably. You can now accurately manage every shift online, keep track of performance notes and metrics with a digitized and customizable employee shift logbook, and use sophisticated logbook software to monitor your budgets and expenses. A digital logbook with the right features can help you with placing more accurate and timely orders, staying on top of vendor deliveries and pricing, managing inventory, and even analyzing sales metrics and revenue activity over time.

Restaurant Challenges and Potential Rewards

Digital Logbook Solutions

Utilization of this 21st technology has never been more important and necessary, either. The restaurant business has recently become more potentially lucrative, thanks to a continuously growing trend of foodie culture and openness to trying new kinds of culinary cultures and restaurant formats. But the number of restaurants and chefs competing in this growing space is also growing at an exponential pace – and includes everything from chain restaurants to food trucks.

That makes it more profitable to be a successful restaurateur but also harder to succeed, within an industry that has always had a reputation for rapid turnovers and predictable failures – even within the first few months of operation. All of this potential for great risk on one hand, and profitable rewards on the other hand, underscores the fact that restaurant businesses need to embrace smart technology and digital innovation in order to capitalize on their opportunities and maximize their advantages.

Customized Tools and Apps for Restaurant Managers

A digital logbook is a prime example of the kind of advanced technology that is now available to help restaurants grow and succeed without wasting time and money. Software programs that you can access as easily as you might download and launch a smart phone app, for instance, offer full-featured power but without the infrastructure or equipment costs or the frustrating learning curve that is typically associated with new technology.

The Zip Shift Book, for instance, can be downloaded free of charge, and within a matter of minutes it can be used to schedule employee shifts, share menu details, get in touch with owners who are away from the premises, and to coordinate orders and deliveries with food and beverage vendors and distributors. You can create your own managerial journal, and connect that through the central dashboard on the app with other features like checklists for opening and closing tasks and an address book for contacting every employee and member of your restaurant team

Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand

Today’s digital logbook technologies, such as the Zip Shift Book digital logbook, are a no-brainer for restaurants and bars wanting to gain that competitive edge and work smarter, not just harder. With the power of a multidigital logbook that can be navigated as easily as a smart phone app and carried on your phone or used from a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, management is not only easier but more effective, transparent, and strategic. You can increase your attention to important details while also maintaining your focus on the food you serve and the delivery of an outstanding overall customer experience.

Plus your servers, hostesses, bartenders, and others who interface with your clientele on a daily basis can add notes from each shift, as well as specific customer feedback, that can be shared with others. Owners and managers can use that information, for example, to guide policy or troubleshoot customer service problems and ensure a higher standard of service. Chefs and kitchen managers can use the feedback to help them understand which menu items are most popular and why, and marketing people can use the data to customize their promotions and create more engaging advertising campaigns.

 No Risk, But Potentially Profound Rewards

Many restaurateurs are open-minded about adopting new technologies, but they just don’t know where to go to find them and how to budget for them and oversee the implementation of such things as complex software programs. The good news is that with companies like Zip Shift Book, the process couldn’t be simpler. You can research digital logbooks online and study all the features they offer. The Zip Shift logbook can be downloaded almost instantly and then used – with all its features accessible – for a full 30 days, without having to pay for anything. Let managers and employees try it out, use it on their smart phones, and get comfortable with all its features before signing up to use it all year-round for a nominal fee that will likely pay for itself within the first week, if not the first shift. Restaurant management tech has never been easier or more user-friendly – and there has never been a time when owners and managers needed this kind of support more than they do right now.