One of the top three steps your restaurant manager can take to foster more employee engagement and performance productivity is to embrace new scheduling protocols. No matter how accustomed your managers or employees have become at using old-fashioned logbook formats, once they experience intuitive electronic logbook software they will be instantly hooked and eagerly adopt it.

Out With The Old And In With The New

Too many restaurants or managers are still dependent upon paper charts and spreadsheetsElectronic Logbook Software to document shift notes and employee shift scheduling preferences and changes. That not only slows down the operations of constantly changing shifts, it also undermines employee work/life balance. When that important, healthy balance is out of whack your staff suffers lowered morale and lacks teamwork.

Ultimately that contributes to higher rates of attrition and costly turnover as employees get fed up and quit to go work for your competitors. Electronic communication is also fast, accurate, easy, and can be archived, shared, and analyzed to help you spot potential problems as well as more advanced and effective solutions.

No More Misplaced Shift Books

If you have ever experienced the panic and chaos that results from losing or misplacing a logbook, you know how stressful that can be, and how much time it wastes. With an electronic logbook, though, everything can be archived for ease of access and retrieval, at any time. You can also safeguard those important notes, checklists, names and addresses, schedules, and other data by storing them securely in the cloud. Not only is a digital logbook more secure, it can also offer you 24/7 access right at your fingertips – through software that works on both iPhone and Android platforms and is as intuitive to use as any smart phone app. Log on at your convenience, anytime and anywhere, to view the logbook of one restaurant or an entire chain of them – all in one place where all your data is safe and sound.

Omit the Tedious and Costly Learning Curve

Good trainers are expensive, and what costs even more is to pay each member of your team a salary while they sit in a class to learn how to use that new digital software application. How do you avoid that? It’s easy, if you use a logbook such as the one engineered specifically for restaurants that is offered by Zip Shift Book. Their software is advanced and full-featured, but your employees probably already know how to work it because it operates just like a smart phone app. What could be easier than that, especially considering that everyone on your staff has probably already mastered using all kinds of phone apps. You can also try it out for a full 30 days, during which time your team can get really familiar with all of the many options and tools – before you have to pay anything at all. That’s a deal worth serious consideration for any restaurant wanting to experience a helpful and significant tech upgrade.