Any experienced restaurateur or restaurant manager will tell you that staff meetings, held regularly, are essential to success. But they will also be the first to admit that gathering people together and convening meetings that are actually effective is one of their biggest challenges. That is why digital shift books are a timely upgrade that can remedy the problem while also supporting you in many other valuable ways.

Are Your Employee Meetings a Chore?

Effective meetings with restaurant personnel are one of the keys to success. Jeff Benjamin of the Vetri Family of Restaurants, explained why in an article by journalist Jason Freed, published by Restaurant Hospitality.

Employee Logbook Software

“Pre-shift meetings can be a chore,” Benjamin says, “But they’re vital because they give everyone a preview of the upcoming shift. Meetings should include any information about expected guests—what drinks they like, what tables they prefer, etc. Beyond that, pre-shift meetings can be used as team-building time to do things like reading restaurant reviews from various newspapers and sharing information from sister restaurants.”

That raises the question of how managers can ensure that employees attend the meetings, take good notes, make checklists, collaborate and communicate as a cohesive team to keep the whole operation moving forward. Usually that doesn’t happen due to unintended breakdowns in communication, lax attention to detail, or frustration with the whole process of being herded into meetings that are often boring or inconveniently scheduled. Employees are already tuned-out before you have a chance to begin speaking with them, so engagement is undermined and the value of interactive collaboration is lost.

Digital Software to Ensure Better Team Meetings

With a tool like the Zip Shift Book, however, employees are eager to share information, take notes, communicate and brainstorm, and work in collaborative ways to troubleshoot and problem-solve. That’s because instead of those dull meetings that require everyone to be in the same room at an appointed hour, digital meetings can take place from anywhere.

You can all access the same centralized dashboard and there is an integrated calendar as well as an address book, to make it easy to convene these online meetings. Nobody has to commute to work on a day off or find a baby sitter for the children just to come in and sit for a meeting. You can even connect with people who are traveling out of state, because getting together to communicate valuable information and share new ideas is as easy as doing email or exchanging text messages.

A Simple, Affordable, Powerful Upgrade

If you own or manage a restaurant and don’t yet have a state-of-the-art employee logbook software or 21st century digital logbook in your toolkit, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful and affordable tools in the industry. But the good news is that now it is easy and affordable to deploy a product such as the Zip Shift Book, which is state-of-the-art technology that requires no complex learning curve, no burdensome financial investment, and no additional infrastructure.

You’ll enjoy full-fledged electronic shift management features and customizable options that you can easily adapt to your own needs, and this kind of employee shift software can be downloaded and ready to use by your whole team, within a matter of minutes. You can even download it and use it as much as you want, for 30 days, without having to pay a dime or commit to anything. See what you think of it, and then register for a nominal fee to continue using it and all its features all year-round.