A digital logbook is a must-have tool for healthcare management and oversight, and it can improve patient care on a number of different highly critical and valuable levels. In no industry is it more important to ensure clear, swift, unequivocal communication of constantly changed data and information. But with a digital shift book you can collaborate, consult, communicate, and monitor healthcare for patients in real time.

Keep Track of Medicine Administration

The software is adaptable and capable, too, so you can deploy it no matter how many health providers and practitioners are on your team or how many patients you are caring for at the same time. You can even use your healthcare management logbook to assist in the monitoring and dispensing of prescription drugs, Keep a journal updated regarding what time medicines are taken and in what exact dosages. You can also journal about any adverse affects while using the notes archived in the logbook to read the notes contributed to the electronic logbook by doctors, nurses, home health care providers, family members, or the patient.

Share Notes About Potential Drug Interactions

Healthcare Management Logbook

You can also help to proactively avoid harmful interactions when multiple drugs are being taken by a patient. Jot down and share special notes to alert healthcare providers of any allergies or other drug reactions. Adverse Event Reports, which are FDA findings based on undesirable effects experienced by patients, not only keep you informed but they can also save lives. The FDA sends out these critical bulletins all the time in order to notify consumers or health care providers about newly discovered drug interactions that can be potentially dangerous. If you receive one of these notices then using your electronic logbook’s integrated address book you can instantly spread the word to all of your colleagues, employees, and patients.

Reduce Your Exposure to Liability

If you need to verify that you followed proper protocol – which can be a lifesaver if you are threatened with legal action or your professionalism is questioned by a patient or regulator – whatever was entered in the log will be accessible in the archive. You can also store a copy of your notes, time cards, and other valuable data in the cloud as a secure backup. Do you need to find out exactly who the charge nurse on duty was at a particular hour, or which ambulance crew brought in a patient to the ER during the night? When they use the logbook to clock in and out or to update task lists and work journals, all of that information can stored and saved – as well as shared with managers and supervisors. Find it in an instant and then add your own notes or pass it along to anyone in your logbook address book.