Thanks to advancements in digital technology, hospitals management tools now have robust capability and can leverage multiple features and functions from one centralized platform. That kind of flexibility is giving hospitals, their management, and their staff the power of a customizable log book that is easy to use but delivers the kind of reliable, innovative capability that hospitals management tools require.

Introducing the Zip Shift Book for Hospitals

As pointed out in a recent article published by Harvard Business Review, it is not possible for hospitals and Hospital Management Logbookhealth care delivery to improve unless hospitals take advantage of better management systems and processes. The difficulty is that most of today’s hospitals, even those in smaller cities, have enormous campuses that include many multi-story buildings, dozens of departments, and as many as 10,000 or more employees. Just the simple act of communication can be a huge challenge, especially in an intense, high-stakes environment where many employees work long 12-hour shifts but must still make well-informed and correct life-or-death decisions within a matter of seconds.

The hospital management log book offered by can help to reduce those obstacles to communication, speed up sharing of data, and ensure that no precious time is wasted in the process. Unlike a conventional logbook, this tool requires no tedious manual distribution or sharing, because updates are instantly shared throughout teams, departments, or the entire organization. Everyone on the hospital staff, for instance, can contribute notes or feedback, schedule appointments, or tick off items on their checklists and that information can be viewed by all other parties who need to see it or respond to it.

App-Based Hospitals Management Tools

In order to achieve results that enhance health care, without compromising patient attention or performing time-wasting redundant tasks, management log books have to be synched, coordinated, and capable of real-time sharing and updating. That is one of the most praised features of the Zip Shift logbook for hospitals, which is fully integrated as a smart phone app that is compatible with both Android and iPhone gadgets.

This app capability allows all teams to be on the same page at the same time. When middle managers are off the ward making rounds their employees can still send them direct reports or ask specific questions. If a doctor is away from the hospital, his staff is able to keep him in the loop regarding patient care. The ambulance drivers can use the app to relay information to one another or back to the emergency room, or nurses can reset their schedules with the nurse in charge without leaving the patient’s bedside. The digital shift book includes an address book, for instance, with contact information for everyone – and it also has an integrated calendar.

Reduce Your Exposure to Errors and Liability

Accountability is paramount in a hospital setting; where everyone must do their part in order ensure the health and safety of both patients and staff. Even a minor mistake can have catastrophic consequences, both in terms of the risk of injury or death and in financial terms because of the liability involved. The digital shift book helps to control those risks with proof of accountability, because doctors, nurses, and others can add notes, respond to questions, and use operational and procedural checklists within the software.

Everything is displayed in an intuitively laid-out dashboard, which acts as a central information-sharing home page at a glance. When a change or update is made by one employee, others will be able to see that change on their dashboard. If patient protocols change, everyone is made aware of it simultaneously. All of this valuable digital information is also archived and can be secured and protected in the cloud to ensure that copies are safeguarded for future reference.

No Extraneous Infrastructure or IT Involvement Needed

Despite this sophistication, however, deploying this hospital management software application does not require any extra infrastructure or involvement of IT professionals. Even a non-technical person can have the system up and running almost immediately. All they have to do is download the log book and then it is as easy to learn and use as a typical smart phone app.

An entire staff can be using it within a matter of minutes, in fact, and the more hospital personnel acquaint themselves with the many features of the app, the more practical applications and helpful solutions they discover. The account department will also appreciate the fact that it is free to use for 30 days, with no cost or obligation. Since hospitals run day and night, you can use it 24 hours a day for an entire month to see in the real life environment of your hospital just how valuable it can be.