An expert restaurant manager is often the biggest asset that a restaurant owner has – even more vital than a celebrity chef. Without a brilliant, resourceful manager who has a hand in every aspect of the operation, no restaurant can function smoothly enough to ensure a spectacular customer experience every single shift. But to be a great restaurant manager you also have to have the right tools, and one of the most useful in the 21st century is a digital logbook. No one person, no matter how talented or experienced, can be in more than one place at the same time. That is demanded of a restaurant manager, though, and the best way to have a virtual presence in multiple places simultaneously is to leverage the power of electronic logbook technology.

Restaurant Manager Logbook

The Evidence is Clear

A piece in the Harvard Business Review explained that businesses that minimize the importance and high priority of management do so at their own peril. Even major chains make that mistake, though, ignoring the value of new technology to help their managers solve challenges, eliminate problems, and boost sales and revenues. But you don’t need a Harvard MBA to understand that without adequate tools a manager’s world can soon descend into chaos. The result is that your restaurant becomes a classic example of continual emergency management. Constant problems dictate your next move, not thoughtfully conceived and insightfully sustainable strategies.

Management Dictates Success or Failure

Just watch an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares TV show and it’s vividly evident that once a restaurant begins to spiral out of control, that snowball effect usually continues until the entire business is run into the ground. Or just ask any server or kitchen worker who has been employed by a restaurant that was run by a harried, overwhelmed manager. Everyone is always on edge. The next disastrous event is just around the corner. Employees are snippy, kitchen crews are at odds with the front room staff, and nerves are frayed. The employee attrition rate is sky high, while the number of steady clients declines – along with revenues – because when those who work in a restaurant are uptight and unhappy that influences the customer experience in a palpable, tangible way that drives clients away.

Technology Designed for the Restaurant Industry

Management technologies such as digital shift logbooks are now available at only a nominal cost, however, to solve these issues. They are inexpensive and as easy to use as any smart phone app. Restaurants and their managers can take advantage of these software products to effectively and automatically oversee complicated shift scheduling, reservations on extremely busy nights, and the on-time management of inventory delivery on the day of a major event such as a catered wedding or a private party that books the entire restaurant for an exclusive banquet. Whatever solutions you need – and no matter how large your restaurant business expands – a sophisticated digital restaurant shift book can empower your managers with intelligent, reliable technology engineered to make restaurant management easier and more effective.