Analysts expect that box-office revenues in North America will approach $12 billion in 2016, up from a $10.9 billion record set three years ago. In fact, most theaters report that they are ringing up sales of at least 10 percent more than they were experiencing a year ago. That’s impressive, considering how many industries are challenged by economic headwinds. To stay ahead of the curve and preserve those profits, theater managers need to streamline operations and remain vigilant. One of the best, most affordable ways to do so, is by embracing digital technology tools.

The Value of Digital Logbooks

Those who own theaters or work in theater management know that the use of a lTheater Managementogbook helps to run a more organized and accountable operation. But many of those involved in management are unknowingly or inadvertently mired in the past, because the kind of logbook they still use is a printed version that requires tedious manual entries. Today there are digital logbooks, however, that are much more flexible, customizable, secure, and user-friendly. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, for example, one of the more popular of these electronic logbooks for theater management is the Zip Shift Book – which is so intuitive that it works as easily as a smart phone app.

Features of the Zip Shift Book for Theater Management

These intelligently designed digital tools also come with a full host of value-adding features such as a centralized dashboard, charts and graphs for tracking productivity, customizable checklists that employees can mark off as they complete opening or closing tasks, and an integrated address book. You can create your own notes in the Zip Shift Book app, for instance, and then share them with anyone from service and repair contractors to food vendors to members of your internal staff. You can archive notes, lists, and other data, too, and even store it securely in the cloud for future reference. The software operates in multiple languages, too, as well as across iPhone and Android platforms, making it seamlessly compatible. Use if from your smart phone, a laptop or tablet, or on a desktop computer. Virtually any device that has Internet connectivity, including those handy mobile gadgets, can become your portable logbook tool.

Multiple Uses for Staff Communication or Inventory Control

The article in the Washington Post also explained that more people who go to movies at venues such as those operated by major players like Cinemark theaters are buying food and drinks. These impulse purchases are contributing heavily to the bottom line, too, as proven by the fact that Cinemark has seen increases in spending on concessions rise steadily for the past 32 consecutive quarters. The Zip Shift Book is ideal for managing food and beverage operations – which are such powerful revenue streams for theaters – because you can use the software to place orders, track them, monitor their delivery, and stay on top of pricing, volume, and other metrics. If you are running out of a product staff can instantly notify managers to inform them, even if the manager is in away from the premises or is managing multiple theater concessions at the same time.

Try it for Free for 30 Days

Perhaps best of all, you can now download the Zip Shift Book and use it as much as you like, with all of its features, for a full 30 days – without paying anything. That gives you and your team an opportunity to test it in the real world, and see just how much it can be an asset to help you succeed in the coming months and years.