A study conducted by Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business two years ago revealed bad news for most customer service managers. The research found that 50 percent of all American households had a bad customer experience within a 12-month survey timeframe. That isn’t all of the bad news, however, because the majority of those customers who registered a complaint about lousy customer service also said that the customer service manager or business did nothing to resolve their problem. As a result, the study indicated, about half of all consumers are dissatisfied or even raging mad about the state of customer service in this day and age.

The Silver Lining in that Disappointing Study

Customer Service Manager

The good news is that if you are one of the rare businesses in the minority that provides an outstanding experience thanks to having a professional, responsive, and capable customer service manager, your brand’s reputation will soar. It does not take much to make a poor impression on a customer. But by the same token it is also extremely easy to win over a customer’s loyalty and convert them into your raving fan – who will spread the word to all their friends and colleagues – if you demonstrate great service. All it takes is the right attitude, a customer-oriented philosophy, and a customer service manager whose primary objective is to make sure that every customer is treated exceptionally well and fully valued and acknowledged.

Customer Service is a Core Value and Mindset

You never want to let a customer leave the store dissatisfied. But in almost every case if you go the extra mile to listen to their needs, respond to their complaints, and try to remedy any problem they will remain a loyal and paying customer. At Ace Hardware, for instance, they have a policy that an employee cannot say “no” to a customer without first getting permission from a manager. Although they may sound over-the-top, it helps to train a positive mindset where employees are solution-oriented, not quick to give up and accept that they cannot meet the customer’s needs in a positive way.

The Value of a Digital Customer Service Manager Logbook

Unfortunately, a Gallup poll revealed that only about three out of every 10 employees is really engaged on the job. How do you engage them? Logbook software can be a powerful tool and customer service asset, because it facilitates the kind of attention to detail and vigilant oversight that is a prerequisite to superior customer service. You have multiple checklists. There are ways to get instant feedback and reporting from each employee to make sure they are always engaged. You can archive notes to learn what works best for winning over your customers with great service. If you have a problem, you can instantly contact someone who can give the answer, using the on-board integrated address book and centralized dashboard.