There’s an app for that!

It’s time to take your log book to the second screen


Every log book from every location in your back pocket.


Easily jot down comments on entries you read.


No more flipping through pages and pages to find the note you’re looking for.


Share shift notes with the whole management team so everyone knows what’s going on.

Empower your team with the free mobile app

People use their smartphones for just about everything these days.

The mobile app lets managers communicate with each other wherever they are.

It’s convenient and saves time for everyone.

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Great for Owners


View up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening in each store. Simply select a site to see what happened during each shift.


Ensure that information in each store is recorded using standard categories.


Ensure that operating procedures are uniform throughout your chain and everyone understands their responsibilities for communicating information.


Give your managers a tool that lets them manage their internal communication efficiently so your business runs more smoothly.

Loved by Managers

Instant Information

What happens during other shifts directly affects how you run your shift. Zip Shift Book ensures there are no unpleasant surprises at shift change.

Central Platform

Managers get a Log, Employee Journal, Address Book and Event calendar all in one app.

Streamline Communication

Information gets to where it needs to go when everyone uses the same system.

Internal Organization

Zip Shift Book categorizes each log entry organized and makes it easy to search and find the information managers are looking for.

Web-Based Manager’s Log Book

  • Intuitive web-based manager’s log book
  • Easily document everything that happens during a shift
  • Keep track of special events with the integrated calendar
  • Share information between owners and managers
  • Free mobile apps

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