Managing multiple shifts and large staffs of employees at a bar or restaurant can be a little hectic, even on a good day, and when you get an unexpected surge of customers or an emergency lands in your lap, that job can quickly become a nightmare. However, if you have a quality logbook application you can minimize these problems while you leverage performance, good teamwork, morale, and smart digital technology to your advantage. You’ll work more efficiently, cost effectively, and trouble-free – which is always a recipe for success.

Problems Are Part of the Business

Many managers get frustrated trying to reach employees who are late to work or wElectronic Logbook Appho have information at one restaurant that needs to be shared with employees at the other locations. If the auditor shows up to inspect your bar manager’s records but the bar manager is on vacation, it could be a catastrophe. What if your chef has an urgent order to place with a vendor, but cannot locate the vendor’s phone number? The same scenario can happen and cause headaches if the HVAC unit or walk-in cooler stops working but you can’t remember who serviced it last time there was a mechanical breakdown. Let’s face it. These things happen all the time in the restaurant business. But what matters is how you respond to these events. If you respond well, you succeed. If you go into a tailspin and your whole team panics, on the other hand, you’re headed for real problems that cause the majority of restaurants to go under within the first year of operation.

How Digital Logbooks Solve Problems Before They Happen

You probably are quite familiar with ordinary manual-entry logbooks printed on paper. But a digital log book takes that idea and moves it forward into the 21st century to free you up from time-wasting tasks and annoying aggravations so you can perform at the top of your game. A digital logbook like the Zip Shift Book, for example, safely stores all the contact information you need in an integrated address book, for no more lost numbers when you need them most. You have schedules, check lists, and calendars that are right at your fingertips, and those are instantly shared with all your employees. That means that everyone is more accountable, and can communicate any shift changes or other unexpected schedule adjustments to everyone else, right away, from anywhere they happen to be. Do you need to place an order or track it? There are features to handle that. Are you in the front of one restaurant, while the kitchen in the back of one across needs you? That’s not a problem because you can communicate and brainstorm using the digital logbook app on your smart phones.

A Free Electronic Logbook Download

The Zip Shift Book electronic logbook app is also now available for you to download, share with all of your employees or anyone else like vendors and owners, and then use to your heart’s content for 30 days – without paying anything. There is absolutely no obligation to use it, find out for yourself how it works and how easily it can transform how you do business to be more performance-oriented and work smarter, not just harder. If you decide you cannot live without it, which is what most users realize, then the cost to keep using it is so nominal that you will likely recoup that investment right away, while elevating your managerial savvy to whole new levels.