Work shift logbook software has substantially improved how logbooks are used, to help manage businesses more intelligently and proactively. These handy electronic logbook apps are a great asset for any enterprise wanting to take advantage of an improving economy – in a business climate where saving money while maximizes profits can be the key to success.

The Current Climate Favors Agile Businesses

Electronic Logbook Software

According to recent date, consumer confidence in the USA at the very beginning of 2016 indicated that the stage is set for a profitable year for those businesses able to take advantage. Consumer sentiment started the year at the highest level in at least seven months, boosted by an improved job outlook. The job gains in 2015 were the second-best that have been recorded since 1999, for example, and with the cost of gasoline at record lows the average consumer is enjoying a lot more discretionary income. But companies still need to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price point, because today’s consumers are both more educated and more wary. Companies that can provide superior products and services – without bloating their budgets – will lead the way in the coming months.

Electronic Logbook Benefits for Inventory Control

Despite cheaper fuel prices – which translate into savings on shipping and transportation – many businesses will fail to capture those savings because their inventory management is inefficient. Delays of orders that cause shortages on the shelves, for instance, result in lost sales that undermine whatever savings might have been realized. An electronic logbook like the one designed by Zip Shift Book, however, can directly address that potential problem because you can track and monitor orders, deliveries, and the stocking of inventory simply by using the tools on the app’s dashboard. Vendors can communicate with drivers or retailers and warehouse managers can likewise stay in touch with store managers. You can even use the app to anticipate when supplies are running low, for simplified automated reordering. If inventory is stagnant, that too can be identified so you can adjust your next order accordingly.

Special Features for Accounting Purposes

In a bar or restaurant that kind of hands-on and precise control can help you retain your profit margins by reducing waste – and it can also be helpful for tracking bar inventories in order to comply with government regulations of alcohol sales. You can archive your data, too, and then access it easily when it is time to calculate taxes. Share your financial info with a bookkeeper or CPA via the central dashboard and on-board integrated address book, for example, or use the app to more easily compile and organize similar details to help support bank loans or small business credit applications.

Downloadable, User-Friendly Features

Although there is strong evidence that the consumer economy has bounced back, margins are still slim and businesses have to be savvy about retaining profits without sacrificing quality and customer service. Staying on top of business metrics and performance and productivity benchmarks is much easier with a digital logbook, though, and so is responding to customer concerns. Your employees can use the logbook to register complaints, for instance, and document how they responded to them. When decisions need to be made they can receive immediate support and instant authorization from their shift managers or supervisors. They can also use the app calendar and address book to manage shift changes, and use the integrated address book to communicate – even when at home or on the road. Best of all, there is no tech background needed to operate a digital log book such as the Zip Shift Book, so you can incorporate it into your operation seamlessly and effortlessly.