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Designed with your needs in mind

There’s a lot that goes on during a busy shift. Owners and managers need to know what happened and have an open line of communication with each other if the business is going to run smoothly. Before we made software, we worked in the hospitality and retail industry. We developed Zip Shift Book based on best practices accumulated over hundreds of years of collective experience in the hospitality and retail industry.

Document and share

Everything that happens front-of-house can be written in the Log.Because Zip Shift Book is a cloud-based application, every note can be seen by the owner and other managers as soon as it is recorded.

Record shift notes

Managers can record shift notes and flag them as critical if they require urgent attention. They can also tag and categorize notes so they are easy to find.

Manage the customer experience

Providing great service is critical to the success of your business, so you need to keep track of your customer experiences, both good and bad. Because as you know, it’s the happy, returning customers that affect your bottom line the most.

Employee Journal

Every worker is the face of the company

The way your employees present themselves and interact with customers has a big impact on the customer experience. You need to know who your best employees are and which ones may be costing you future business.

Monitor and manage employee conduct

You can record commendations and disciplinary actions in the Employee Journal. Because staff who go above and beyond deserve praise and recognition, and those who fail to meet your expectations need to know you’re taking note.

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Shift notes and customer experiences log

Stay on top of your front-of-house operations by logging shift notes and customer feedback as soon as they happen. Later, make your information actionable by sharing with other managers.

Shift notes and customer experiences log

Stay on top of your front-of-house operations by logging shift notes and customer feedback as soon as they happen. Later, make your information actionable by sharing with other managers.

Employee information in staff journals

Did an employee go above their call of duty, have a sudden leave of absence, or emergency? Record staff notes in your Employee Journal to recall at a later date.

Cloud Library

Start by connecting to the cloud

You can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive to upload files from your desktop such as guidelines or images.

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Secure storage

When you attach a file from the desktop, the file is encrypted and stored on the cloud service you connected to. The only way to access it is through the Cloud Library.

The Cloud Library

The Cloud Library is an in-app interface that allows you to access the encrypted files you uploaded to the cloud. Think of it this way: The Cloud Library is where you view and access your files, the cloud service you connect to is where they are saved.

Integrate with other Hubworks products

The Cloud Library lets you share files across other Hubworks products like Zip Shift Book to help you run your business even more smoothly.

Employee Address Log book

Quick access employee shift

When you’re in the middle of a busy shift, you don’t have time to dig up phone numbers for an emergency repair or last minute schedule change. You need to be able to find phone numbers, and you need them fast.

Don’t get left hanging

We all know that key equipment always chooses the worst possible time to break down. And then there’s the dreaded no-call-no-show. But since you have the numbers of all your suppliers, repairmen and employees stored in your digital log app, you’ll be able to get in touch with the person you need to keep your shift running.

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Communications Platform

Share notes and experiences with your management team

Use Zip Shift Book as an internal social platform for managers to share information on what’s going on in store. With everyone on the same page, rest assured that information flows quickly and your stores operate smoothly.

Real-time updates

Know what you need at a moment’s notice. Zip Shift Book is updated with the most pertinent and up-to-the-minute information from your team. Receive a snapshot of the environment at any of your stores- from business trends to the mood of the day.

Internal messaging

Comment on any note or task, or share with other managers through your Hubworks inbox. Stay in touch with the latest news from your staff, and receive updated feedback.

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Multi-Language Software

Take your pick

Zip Shift Book lets each user select their preferred language.

Select from four different languages

Zip Shift Book is currently available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

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iPhone and Android Apps for managers

No more lost log books

The Zip Shift Book mobile apps lets you and your managers carry the log book with them wherever they go.

Get employee shift information on the go

Your managers can use the mobile apps to check how shifts are going before they get to work. That way they always know what to expect when they get there.

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