Employee Daily Shift Records Provider, Zip Shift Book, Creates Software Capable of Monitoring and Improving Employee Conduct and Performance

 Zip Shift Book, a leading provider of web based logbook software, explains how their product is capable of monitoring and even improving the performance of employees within the hospitality industry. The software is comprehensive enough to replace existing write-up sheets, commendation cards, and employee evaluation forms, or may be used as a supplementary tool to enhance a business’ existing employee conduct strategy.Digital Employee Log Sheet

Zip Shift Book enables managers and supervisors to collaboratively contribute to an employee journal, recording notes on employee activities throughout a given shift. When a waiter at a restaurant is complimented by a guest he serves for his outstanding service, for example, managers can take more than just mental note of his actions, without the hassle of fumbling through the office in search of paper to jot a commendation on.

“We’d like to think that as managers, we are making accurate assumptions about how often our employees go above and beyond to please customers,” says Zip Shift Book’s Senior Developer, “but in all actuality we are only human, and with this humanity comes room for error. Some positive employee actions are overlooked or become forgotten over time. It’s one thing to recall the actions that were most memorable to us as managers, but to actually see every single positive thing an employee has done in list format – even the things we had forgotten – can have a profound effect on who we commend, reward, and even promote.”

Zip Shift Book’s Senior Developer additionally remarks about physical employee log sheets, stressing the importance of retaining digital employee daily shift records:

“There are times when printing a physical copy of the notes taken on employees can come in handy. Employers might wish to hand each staff member a copy of the performance notes taken on them as a means of creating incentive to improve or keep up the good work. When used in conjunction with web based logbook sheets, this method can be highly effective towards motivating employees. It sends the message that supervisors are keeping their eyes peeled, ready to reward positive work behavior and reprimand poor performance.”

But relying on physical employee daily shift records alone, however, might not be as convenient or reliable a means of monitoring staff performance, according to the Senior Developer.

“How often have fellow managers’ desks been rendered unrecognizable due to the scattered stacks of paper that have taken them over? It’s even possible that as a manager, you’re guilty of having a chaotic desk yourself. Papers get scattered, mixed up, lost and forgotten. They’re tough to find, and searching for them wastes time. With Zip Shift Book, managers truly get the best of both worlds. Quickly print an employee log sheet when called for, while enjoying continuous, instant access to a neatly compiled repository of employee information that’s secure and easily accessible via cloud software.”

 Company Info: Zip Shift Book is one of a range of digital tools offered through the Hubworks line of hospitality and retail management software products. By providing hotel, retail, restaurant, and other service industry supervisors with a robust, intuitive means of keeping track of employees, events, and other essential company information, Zip Shift Book has become a leading resource for accurate, instant records management within the hospitality industry.

To learn more about Zip Shift Book and additional Hubworks software products, visit http://www.zipshiftbook.com.