The authors of the organizational efficiency book “7 C’s to Build a Winning Team” say that to be successful, you need everyone in your organization thinking, believing, talking, and behaving in sync. You need everyone to be aligned with the same beliefs, expectations, behaviors, and habits. An innovative tool for achieving that kind of highly cohesive and synergistic teamwork is a digital logbook or shift book that can be used by owners, managers, and employees.

Best Employee Logbook

Digital Logbook App Technology

Digital technology being what it is, the best logbook for 2016 is a digital daily logbook app – one that can be downloaded and deployed from any mobile device such as a smart phone. Having this kind of highly portable, convenient, and affordable multipurpose employee logbook can substantially enhance your operational performance and productivity. The key is to select the best logbook – one that is both versatile and customizable but is also not going to put a strain on your budget or require a complicated and frustrating learning curve.

Features of the Best Logbook Apps

When deciding which logbook app or digital shift book to use, it’s important to find one with as many practical features as possible – but one that is intuitive to use and navigate. The version offered by Zip Shift Book, for example, wins on both counts because it is a full-featured and powerful log book that is just as easy to use as a smart phone app. There is a centralized dashboard, an on-board integrated address book, and the application can be run on both Android and iPhone platforms as well as any Internet-connected laptop, desktop, or tablet. But without the steep learning curve it can be downloaded and put to work in your business and by all of your employees within a very short amount of time. Many users download the app and start uses its customizable features the very same day, or even during their current shift.

Examples of How to Utilize a Digital Logbook

This kind of versatile logbook can be used to provide task checklists to employees, for instance, or to communicate with them in order to make shift changes, authorize purchases, or confirm orders or deliveries of needed inventory. A restaurant manager can connect all aspects of the operation, including communications between the front of the business and the kitchen, using the instant information sharing of the app. Or an owner or manager can simultaneously manage and monitor multiple business locations – without having to be physically present. If you want to train a new hire to being them up to speed, you can use the note-sharing capability and also refer them to archived notes that can be accessed from the logbook’s central dashboard.

Try Out a Free Shift Book

Cost is always, of course, a primary consideration for any owner or manager thinking about acquiring new technology – and the importance of making a sound financial decision cannot be overstated. That’s why one of the most popular digital logbook apps currently trending is the one from Zip Shift Book, because it can be downloaded without a financial commitment. The digital shift book software program, and all of its features and capabilities, can be downloaded free of charge and then used free of charge for a full 30 days. That gives you the chance to try it out in the real-world environment of your own day-to-day business. See if it solves the challenges you face or offers new solutions you may not have enjoyed with your old log book, and then make a fully informed choice free of any unwanted risk.