If you are like many restaurant owners you most likely operate not just one but multiple locations. If this is the case, then having a reliable and expertly designed digital logbook software tool isn’t just a luxury, it is a necessity. There are many businesses that have a lot of different subsets of operational activity going on under the same roof. Or they may have these various teams including: the front of house staff, the kitchen crew, and the managers overseeing all of it.

Multiple Features for Multi-unit Enterprises

The Harvard Business Review calls this kind of arrangement a “multi-unit enterprise.” One of the hallmarks of a multi-unit model is that there are lots of different teams or tiers – and each of those usually hLog Book Softwareas its own manager or set of managers. There is that old saying that “too many cooks can spoil the broth,” and it applies to restaurant management, too. When you have lots of different managers then you may have conflicts, communication problems, or overlapping tasks and responsibilities. All of these situations are costly – both in terms of time wasted and the extraordinary cost of paying all those skilled employees. To save money and run a smoother operation, you have to ensure that redundancy is minimized and productive collaboration and teamwork is maximized. That is exactly why the people who designed the Zip Shift Book – who have actual experience in the food service industry – tailored all of its features and unique solutions to the specific needs of restaurants and bars.

An Overview of the Zip Shift Book Restaurant Logbook Manager

Within this one single software app – which works on virtually all mobile devices as well as computers, tablets, and similar devices – you have a full menu of features and customizable solutions. There are places to take daily notes, create your own checklists for employees so they never overlook an important task, and to view shift schedules as well as the calendar you all need to share. The shift book has a central dashboard, an integrated address book, and the ability to work in multiple languages – which is a huge advantage if you lead a diverse workforce and not everyone speaks or writes well in English. You can use handy digital graphs and charts to track team performance and productivity, and you can also share the digital app with vendors, investors, or even your CPA who may need the payroll and wage hour data that you record inside your logbook. Of course there is a lot of information stored in any manager’s or owner’s log book that they cannot afford to misplace or lose, which is why the Zip Shift Book inventors also created an easy-to-use archive and added a feature that allows you to store data securely in the cloud if you want to.

30-Day Free Trial

What could be better than having all of that at your fingertips? Well, for one thing there is no tough learning curve, because the software works intuitively, like any smart phone app. You don’t need to hire techies or install any new IT infrastructure, either, because the Zip Shift Book is a self-contained program. Meanwhile it can be downloaded and used as much as want, by everyone on your staff, for a full 30 days without any obligation or payment. Check it out. You may find that it has all the answers and solutions you’ve been wanting for a long time to ensure your restaurant’s success and ease of operation.