Log sheets are essential tools for any business. But if you use a conventional logbook, the kind where you make paper entries, your approach can backfire by creating unwanted problems. Paper entries are more vulnerable to loss, they require that you physically pass the logbook from person to person and place to place to make entries, and that chips away at productivity. A superior option is to use a digital daily log sheet that each team member can carry on their smart phone, tablet, or similar device as a downloadable electronic app.

Pros and Cons of Digital vs. Traditional Logbooks

A daily log sheet can be a great time saver, but if you make the mistake of continuing to use an old-fashioned print and paper type of daily logbook it could have the opposite effect. Those outmoded types of employee logbook or shift book tools can actually be time wasters. Oftentimes employees spend valuable time just tracking down the daily log sheet to make an entry in it, which is both frustrating and time consumiDaily Log Sheetng. Inevitably, someone will accidently misplace the shift book.

That essentially multiples the amount of time lost by a factor equal to the number of employees on your team who are forced to delay their entries until the logbook sheet is found. If there is a fire or flood in your establishment, all of that logged data could be lost forever, too, which will really compound your problems. But with a digital log sheet the information is entered instantly and then can be archived and stored indefinitely. Since there is no single logbook, everyone has direct access to it all the time. That includes nights, weekends, vacations, and even when they are away from the premises – at home, in a meeting, or out of town.

Saving Time to Increase Productivity

An electronic employee logbook, such as the popular Zip Shift Book, also gives you other valuable features and applications. You have a centralized address book to make it easier to contact employees, vendors, and others. There are sales and revenue tracking charts you can customize to monitor business activity on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. The notes you take or checklists you create can be shared instantly from the software’s visible dashboard, to ensure that everyone communicates and there is no unnecessary redundancy of tasks.

The electronic record ensures accountability, too, and since managers and owners can interact from anywhere, anytime, with every employee the software promotes efficient teamwork and time-saving delegation of responsibilities. All of that time saved makes you more productive, both individually and as a team, and the more time you save the lower your total labor costs will be. As emphasized in an article published by Harvard Business Review, that kind of precise tracking of time – which lets you save a minute here and an hour there – is one of the most reliable ways to streamline your management and increase profitability.

A 30-Day Free Trial

The creators of the Zip Shift Book also make it easy to experience the benefits and features of their logbook, because it can be downloaded free of charge and then used for a full 30 days at no cost. The app-based platform is compatible with both iPhone and Android technologies, and you can use the software in your choice of four different languages. Everyone can customize it to their needs, and you can do a before-and-after comparison of your performance and productivity to determine exactly how much the shift book enhanced your business – all before investing a penny.