Thanks to recent advancements in digital logbook technology, the Zip Shift Book – a versatile and mobile online manager logbook – can help restaurant owners, managers, chefs, and other employees put out managerial fires before they even start. Anyone who has ever worked in the food service industry understands how volatile and unpredictable each and every shift can be. Even the most experienced and adept restaurant managers and owners have to confront constant issues in an every-changing and fast-paced workplace where anything can happen, at any time.

No Restaurant is Immune

Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain was interviewed by Harvard Business Online Manager LogbookReview several years ago, and he acknowledged that, ““Things go wrong, a lot. You don’t know how many people are going to arrive when. You don’t know what might break, what supplies might not show up.”

At times like that, the online manager logbook from really shines and provides instant solutions to multiple problems. Better still, having access to such innovative and easy-to-deploy digital logbook technology ensures that every aspect of the business runs so smoothly that potentially disruptive issues are remedied even before they have a chance to arise and interrupt the operation in the kitchen or the customer-facing front of your restaurant.

A Sophisticated Smart-Tech Solution

The manager logbook is a sophisticated software platform with mobile apps that are compatible with both Android and iPhone. Plus it offers powerful, secure cloud storage with your own designated cloud library, and there is a complete and intuitive dashboard of manager logbook tools, data, updates, and notes that is right there at your fingertips. Access it while on the premises or use it just as handily and quickly via your smartphone or other mobile device, not matter where you or the members of your staff happen to be at any given time.

That allows you to literally be in two places at once, which is a restaurant manager’s dream come true. But all of this advanced technology requires no extraneous IT infrastructure and is designed at a nominal price point that makes it available to virtually any kind of restaurant, bar, or eatery. Not only that, but the online manager logbook is currently being offered with a 30-day free trial. Take it for a spin, let each shift manager download the app and become familiar with it, and then use the dashboard to analyze just how well your business performed that month, and how much time, money, and headache it saved.

Management Logbook Morale Booster

Bourdain also emphasized the critical value of employee teamwork and morale. He explained that each member of the staff needs to feel supported in an intense environment such as the kitchen of a busy restaurant. One of the keys is to keep things organized, even when the restaurant is slammed and unpredictable things can happen to potentially cause extreme chaos.

Unfortunately, many restaurants fail simply because their managers and owners do not provide adequate resources to their essential staff members to enable them to do their jobs and maintain a cohesive, cooperative, collaborative work space. Customers realize this and they usually notice because the quality they deserve and expect is degraded. But those who take full advantage of available tools and resources such as the Zip Shift Book, a manager’s log book, can breathe a sigh of relief. They know that smart technology is on their side, to preserve their reputation and help guarantee sustainable success.