Restaurant managers and owners of restaurants know how critical it is to have a handy, reliable restaurant logbook. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses are still doing things the traditional way and it is costing them time, money, and headaches.

Old-school may be great when it comes cocktail recipes or cooking from scratch and sourcing healthier food locally from small farms. Customers want that kind of old-fashioned experience of real culinary skill, versus off-the-shelf processed ingredients and meals that are made elsewhere and shipped to a restaurant to be cooked in a microwave. But when it comes to running a culinary establishment, the old way of managing can be a serious obstacle to success.Restaurant Management Logbook

Managers Need Smart Strategies and Tools

There is the age-old problem of the front staff communicating in real-time with the kitchen crew, for instance, and if those teams or their leaders are out of synch it can slow down and even ruin a busy shift. Then there is the hassle of trying to constantly reshuffle employee schedules, which are notoriously complex and involve always-moving and changing variables that can leave you short-staffed during peak periods. Or you can overcompensate and wind up with employees getting paid on the clock who are just standing around with not enough to do because you failed to predict how many tables you’d seat during that shift.

Staying on top of your inventory can also be a time-consuming challenge. But if you are in the walk-in cooler, at the farmer’s market, or on the phone talking to a vendor you cannot simultaneously be out front. Meanwhile, as a manager or owner, your priority may need to be dealing with customers, supporting your maitre d’ or bar manager, or sorting out a problem with a health inspector or the owner of your building. At times like that – which many experienced restaurateurs will say is basically all the time – you need swifter answers, stronger oversight, and a whole range of restaurant management logbook tools that are designed specifically for those types of tasks and situations.

Leveraging the Power of Smart Apps

Luckily, there is an affordable but advanced digital logbook system that does all of seamlessly, so you and everyone on your staff can literally stay on the same page of your shift logbook using an intuitive smart phone app. The restaurant logbook from is a complete management and staff logbook that is digital for easy, instant access and communication.

Plus it offers a full menu of helpful shift logbook features, and because it is a web-based logbook, unlike conventional restaurant logbooks that are not interactive and mobile, this logbook software app can be used from virtually any mobile device or smartphone. There is an integrated address book, so you never lose contact information for key players, and staff can enter notes into the logbook that will immediately be shared with everyone in real-time.

Accountability and Reliability

If an employee needs a checklist to get ready for their shift, you can post it to them even if you are at home, on the golf course, or at an out of town convention. Do you need to notify the hostess that a wedding party just booked a 12-top? That’s not a problem, because you both have access to the entire logbook and an intuitive visual dashboard – all within a few clicks.

Everyone is accountable, because all the data is automatically archived, and if someone’s cell phone dies or computer crashes, that doesn’t cause a panic because Zip Shift Book provides secure cloud protection of your data. Not only that, but the restaurant logbook software is free to use, as much as you want, for 30 days. Try it and see for yourself how much better life is when you have 21st century managerial tools at your disposal and fingertips.