Forbes Magazine recently published an article about why so many American businesses are facing difficulties, pointing out that a vast majority of them suffer from what researchers have termed an “innovation crisis.” They don’t have the resources they need to innovate in a way that will keep pace with the competition. That’s definitely true in service industries, like the restaurant industry, where smooth, efficient, top-quality operation is the key to success.

The article quoted the legendary business consultant and author Dr. Edwards Deming, who found that employees are rarely the source of the problem. Instead, 94% of the problems businesses find most challenging are because they are using inadequate systems. Companies that do not have adequate systems and technologies in place invite problems that could very easily be remedied by smarter management – which is why a digital weekly log book is such a powerful managerial tool and resource.

Weekly Logbook For Free

Why Weekly Logbooks are Vital

Any good manager knows that for internal systems and policies to work, each employee has to be fully informed of their duties and responsibilities – as well as the role of their crew or team. Weekly meetings to keep everyone updated and to review what went right and what went wrong during the shifts the previous week as also essential. But without a weekly logbook whatever is shared at those meetings can soon be forgotten. Restaurants move too quickly and there are too many changing dynamics and interchangeable parts that everyone needs to know about to do without weekly logbooks.

New hires come aboard who have to be trained. Skilled employees may leave and have to be replaced. The menus are often in flux, and servers as well as kitchen staff have to be fully conversant with those changes. Then there are the seasonal or holiday considerations that can have a huge impact on how busy a restaurant can expect to be during any given week. All it takes is for a convention to come to town or a wedding party to make a reservation, for example, and suddenly the whole restaurant has to gear-up to a completely different level.

The Weekly Log Book

The digital logbook from makes an outstanding weekly log for managers, because it combines the complexity of a multifaceted logbook with the elegant simplicity of a smart phone app. Every week there are numerous tasks to be done, orders to placed, vendors to be contacted, advertisers to be updated, customers to be responded to, and employees whose schedules have to be changed and coordinated.

All of that can happen through the logbook’s digital dashboard – which has integrated features for note taking and sharing, checklists, instant access to contact information, and a central archive if you need to refer to a previous week’s notes and data. If the chef presents a menu, for example, but then it has to be changed mid-week due to a shortage of ingredients, that’s easily communicated through the app – along with copious notes to bring servers up to speed. In fact, if you want to, you can practically hold your weekly meetings virtually, just by exchange of data and information via the Zip Shift Book weekly logbook.