Not long ago Forbes Magazine ran an article that featured a handful of “top tips of all time” for delivering superior customer service. While all of those insights apply to businesses in a variety of industries, three of them are particularly applicable to the restaurant business – where attention to customer service details and expert customer service management can make the difference between grand success and abject failure. The trio of important tips are (1) obsessing over each and every customer interaction, from start to finish; (2) ensuring that every customer experience is positive and memorable; and (3) taking care to deliver your product in a prompt and timely fashion.

Satisfied Patrons Will Spread the Word

Customer Service Management

All three of these can also be enhanced by a digital customer service management logbook – which every restaurant should have to support its all-important brand and image through consistently high customer service management. Restaurants have to worry about more than just the food that goes into the customer’s mouth. What comes out in the form of raving reviews – prompted by a fantastic customer experience – is the most valuable form of advertising and branding. As the author of the Forbes article explained, if you don’t create a memorable experience for your customers, your story won’t spread. These days marketing is all about word of mouth and social media. By supporting customer service you automatically support your marketing, and using a digital logbook can help to enhance that service to a level that is both memorable and enjoyable.

Saving Time, Money, and Unnecessary Work

No matter how skilled your chef may be, if people are seated late or their meal arrives at the table after an annoying delay, it is going to kill your reputation. But to stay on time and on track, you have to reduce redundancy, make sure no essential step or checklist is overlooked, and have clear and smooth communication between all aspects of the restaurant. Creating a positive, memorable experience that will keep patrons coming back to your restaurant depends on keeping the work flow moving forward, without a snag. Accomplish that and each of your loyal patrons will become a raving fan who actively markets your restaurant to their friends and colleagues.

Supporting Customer Service through High Tech

You can use the shift book as a tool for gathering customer comments and feedback, for instance, by having servers make notes after every interaction. Then you can archive those comments and use them to guide your policies, training, or marketing strategies. The shift book is, of course, also an ideal management tool for handling everything from reservations to vendor orders and scheduling of employees or tracking expenses. Save time and labor by having your manages use a digital shift book to monitor tasks, create checklists, explain new procedures, or distribute the day’s menu changes in real-time. The Zip Shift Book can be a portable, reliable way to communicate with an manage your vendors and employees from afar, too, whether you’re in a different section of the building, working from home, or all the way across the country.

Affordable and Easy to Integrate

Although its software is sophisticated it is also engineered to be as simple as any phone app. There is no need for technical infrastructure or extensive training before you integrate it into your operation and have everyone using it. You can download the Zip Shift Book for free and use it for a full 30 days, eliminating the risk and guesswork. The software is also fully customizable, and – unlike traditional shift books – you don’t have to worry about misplacing it because it can be carried on everyone’s smart phone, archived, and securely backed-up in the cloud.