Theme park management pros are taking note of the adaptable and capable Zip Shift Book digital logbook, which can dramatically ease the burden for theme park, amusement park, outdoor festival, and other event management organizers and professionals.

Theme Parks are Like Jigsaw Puzzles

Theme park management encompasses such a diversity of services, delivered simultaneously, that many people who have worked at theme parks say that it is much more difficult than herding kittens. Most theme parks cover not only a vast area of physical space, but they also are like a jigsaw puzzle of interconnected businesses, with multiple operations and vendors all interacting with customers at the same time.Theme Park Event Management

According to the business publication Risk & Insurance magazine, close to 300 million a year will visit theme or amusement parks across the USA. That’s a number of visitors almost equal to the whole population of the country. To cope with that kind of activity – and all of the unexpected things that can happen when you are inviting so many members of the public to your event – you need exceptionally robust and nimble managerial tools and resources.

Expanding Your Managerial Capability

An article in the New York Times, for instance, described how Disney World – which is widely regarded as the preeminent leader in theme park event management – has depended upon technological innovation to keep it at the forefront of its industry. The company even has its own proprietary digital management systems and logbook management programs, since it has to handle an influx of approximately 30 million visitors annually at its Orlando, Florida location.

Even the logistics of the customer demographics at a theme park can be a unique and complicated challenge, because you typically have people of all ages on the premises – and each age group has its own distinct set of needs. As insurers know, this demands a constant balancing act between entertaining people and keeping them engaged and involved while also ensuring that they are both comfortable and safe.

Technology is the Competitive Advantage

The centralized dashboard lets a manager or owners have an easy way to get a visual snapshot of everything important going on within the theme park operation. That includes such things as analyzing feedback from customers, referring to business notes, reading employee reports, and crunching other data.

The list of possibility is virtually limitless; because having a powerful and customizable log manager application can help you set employee schedules, manage reservations, track orders to and from vendors, and even communicate with parking attendants, security personnel, or owners who may be in an office at a long distance from where the action is.

You can even use the app and its features to optimize such things as how quickly and efficiently you process park visitors through the gate or through lines queued up for rides or outside of food court establishments, bathrooms, or ATM machines. That’s why theme parks – including Disney – rely on smartphone technologies to assist them. The Zip Shift Book digital logbook is exactly that kind of tool, designed specifically as a customizable solution to the kinds of multi-layered tasks and challenges that theme park official and managers face on an hourly basis as part of the daily routine.