Online Hotel Shift Management Software

Every hotel operator knows how important it is to manage the customer experience and communicate internally. Zip Shift Book helps you keep track of everything that happens that affects your hotel’s operations with the mobile apps, managers can stay at the loop wherever they are.

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Continuity from shift to shift.

Customer Experience

You know your customers care about getting a great deal and getting treated well. Zip Shift Book helps you document the customer experience so you can continuously improve your customer service.

Contact Management

The integrated Address Book gives owners complete control over their hotel business contacts. And it allows managers to quickly find the right contact in the middle of a busy shift without interrupting their workflow.

Keep Track of Events

The Events calendar helps you plan for holidays, major sports games and other events that impact your business. That way you can be prepared for anything.

Cloud Security

The Cloud Library allows you to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without worrying about security. State-of-the-art encryption protects your sensitive data while still ensuring that those who need it are able to access it.

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