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Transform the way you manage your shifts and manage employees with our digital log book

Zip Shift Book dashboard

Simple and Intuitive

Start using your new digital log book in minutes.

Zip Shift Book is easy to learn and understand. There’s hardly any training time needed to get started. But don’t worry, we’re here to help if you need it.

Pre-configured and customizable.

The application comes with a number of pre-configured categories we think you’ll find helpful. But it’s also easy to create your own to tailor Zip Shift Book to your business.

Easy and intuitive
Custom Shift Notes

Custom Shift Notes

Designed with your needs in mind.

We said it before: we’ve worked in the hospitality and retail industries and we know that every business has its own needs. That’s we we built Zip Shift Book for you.

Custom categories.

We included a lot of pre-stored categories that we think you’ll like, but we also let you edit, delete and create entirely new categories. You can even color code them to make it easier to tell what type of note it is when you glance over the Log.

Custom actions.

You already know you can keep a record of employee conduct in the Employee Journal, but we also let you record the actions you take such as promoting an employee or sending them home for the day. And just like with the note categories, you can use our pre-stored actions or create your own.

Comment, tag and flag.

One of the really powerful features in Zip Shift Book is the Search tool. You can leave comments, tags and flag log entries as critical to make them easy to find no matter when they were recorded.

Task Manager™

Task Manager™

With Zip Shift Book’s Task Manager module, access, track, and communicate tasks with your team instantly without interrupting your workflow. Maintain consistency by using standard checklists for opening, closing, and inspection tasks. While you work, easily update your status through your mobile phone.

Employee Log

Record and access employee information and view dynamic reports for each employee. Keep extra notes on each employee such as goals or achievements. This employee information is shared with Zip Schedules and Zip Clock for easy scheduling and time tracking.


Employee Journal

Every worker is the face of the company.

The way your employees present themselves and interact with customers has a big impact on the customer experience. You need to know who your best employees are and which ones may be costing you future business.

Monitor employee conduct.

You can record commendations and disciplinary actions in the Employee Journal. Because staff who go above and beyond deserve praise and recognition, and those who fail to meet your expectations need to know you’re taking note.

Employee Journal
digital log Manager

Digital Manager’s Log Book

Designed with your needs in mind.

There’s a lot that goes on during a busy shift. Owners and managers need to know what happened and have an open line of communication with each other if the business is going to run smoothly. Before we made software, we worked in the hospitality and retail industry. We developed Zip Shift Book based on best practices accumulated over hundreds of years of collective experience.

Document and share.

Everything that happens front-of-house can be written in the Log. And since it’s a cloud-based application, every note can be seen by the owner and other managers as soon as it is recorded.

Record shift notes.

Managers can record notes and flag them as critical if they require urgent attention. They can also tag and categorize notes them easy to find.

Manage the customer experience.

Providing great service is critical to the success of your business, so you need to keep track of your customer experiences, both good and bad. Because as you know, it’s the happy, returning customers that affect your bottom line the most.

Address Book

Quick access.

When you’re in the middle of a busy shift, you don’t have time to dig up phone numbers for an emergency repair or last minute schedule change. You need to be able to find phone numbers, and you need them fast.

Don’t get left hanging.

We all know that key equipment always chooses the worst possible time to break down. And then there’s the dreaded no-call-no-show. But since you have the numbers of all your suppliers, repairmen and employees stored in your digital log app, you’ll be able to get in touch with the person you need to keep your shift running.

Contact address book
Documents Library

Cloud Library

Start by connecting to the cloud.

You can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive to upload files from your desktop that you can then attach to your log entries.

Secure storage.

When you attach a file from the desktop, it is encrypted and stored on the cloud service you connected to. The only way to access it is through the Cloud Library.

The Cloud Library.

The Cloud Library is essentially an in-app interface that allows you to access the encrypted files you uploaded to the cloud. Think of it this way: The Cloud Library is where you view and access your files, the cloud service you connect to is where they are saved.

Integrate with other Hubworks products.

The Cloud Library lets you share files across other Hubworks products like Zip Checklist to help you run your business even more smoothly.

Events Calendar

An essential part of any log book.

One of the most important reasons to keep a log in the first place is to help you plan. So it only makes sense that we included an Events calendar where you can record birthdays, holidays, and other events that require special preparation or result in a spike in customers.

Site and corporate events.

You can create corporate events for all your locations or site events for individual stores. And, of course, you can filter events so it’s easy to see what’s happening where.

Events Calendar
digital print

Digital and Print

We’re not about limitations.

We know that leveraging the power of technology will make your business run more efficiently. But we also know sometimes you need things on paper.

Daily Detail Report.

The Daily Detail Report provides a summary of the day’s Log and Employee Journal entries. You can generate a PDF for a printable version of the report.

Events Report.

You can also generate a PDF of all the month’s events. Filter by event type and location and hit print for an Events Report you can hang on the wall.

Daily Business Transactions

It’s a log book, after all.

It makes sense that a log book would let you record your daily transactions and sales. You want to have an overview of how your business is doing on a day-to-day basis.

Did you know we also generate accurate daily sales forecasts?

Zip Shift Book is just one of the applications we offer at Hubworks. If you’re interested in generating daily sales forecasts, check out Zip Schedules. This is something we’ve been doing for awhile and we’re pretty good at it. Visit to see how you can make your business more predictable.

Daily Transactions
Comprehensive manager’s log


Connect to other Zip solutions.

There is a whole suite of Zip applications you can find at We know that each one will make your business more profitable so designed them to integrate with each other seamlessly.

Zip Schedules.

Zip Schedules makes employee scheduling a breeze. It lets you manage schedule requests and ensure that you’re always properly staffed for every shift. It’s an app that you, your managers, and your employees are guaranteed to love.

Zip Clock.

Zip Clock is an electronic punch clock that lets you track and how many hours your employees are working. It helps you comply with labor laws and keep labor costs low by making sure employees clock out before you start paying them overtime.

Zip Checklist.

Zip Checklist is a task manager and the perfect complement to Zip Shift Book. For example, you can use it to create a custom checklist of everything that needs to get done to prepare for special events you record in your Events calendar.

Communication Platform

Convenient in-app messaging.

Hubworks products allow users to communicate with each other via in-app messaging. This feature isn’t limited to specific Zip applications, either. For example, your Zip Schedules users can use it to send messages to your Zip Shift Book users. It essentially serves as a company-wide communication platform.

Increase engagement.

When employees communicate with each other, it strengthens the feeling of being part of a team and improves morale. And that has a big impact on the customer experience.

Customer Experiences

Customer Experience

This is what it’s all about.

So you offer a good product at a competitive price. Great. But what does that matter if your customers don’t walk away feeling like they had a great customer experience?

Returning customers are a restaurant’s bread and butter.

And to keep those regulars coming back, you have to make sure that they consistently have a positive experience when they are your guest. Ask any coach or trainer what the basis for developing consistency in your performance is and they’ll probably say it starts by getting feedback.

Document your customer’s experience.

That’s why it is important to keep notes whenever something noteworthy happens, whether it was outstanding service that garnered praise from the customer, a complaint about how they were treated, or an incident that was outside your control like noise from a construction site across the street.

Your managers are your eyes and ears on the ground.

Sure, you could ask each guest to fill out a satisfaction survey. But let’s be honest, most of them won’t. The good news is an experienced manager can tell if guests are happy or dissatisfied simply by observation. They just need a good way to record what they see.

Accountability Tools

Names and time stamps.

All entries in the Log and Employee Journal include the name of the user who made the entry along with a date and time stamp. This creates transparency for you and your employees.

“But no one told me.”

You’ve probably heard an excuse like that a million times. Now your response is simple, “If it’s in Zip Shift Book, you’re responsible for knowing about it and acting on it.”

Multi Language Capabilities


Take your pick.

Zip Shift Book lets each user select their preferred language.

Select from four different languages.

Zip Shift Book is currently available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

iPhone and Android Apps

No more lost log books.

The Zip Shift Book mobile apps lets you and your managers carry the log book with them wherever they go.

Get shift information on the go.

Your managers can use the mobile apps to check how things are going before they get to work. That way they always know what to expect when they get there.


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