If you’re running a restaurant business, keeping track of various types of records is a vital component of that responsibility. You need to have an accurate business record of expenses, sales, and profits. You have to be able to provide investors and lenders, as well as accountants and tax authorities, with accurate and updated business records, and you also have to provide business records on demand to authorities such as those that enforce laws related to alcohol sales.

Restaurant Business Record Keeping

Management of all these documents and piles of data becomes much easier and more reliable if you use a log book, and in this day and age you don’t want to incur the labor intensity and headaches of a conventional printed logbook – which could be misplaced or lost. Digital logbooks like the Zip Shift Book have multipurpose features that you cannot get from an old-fashioned log book, for example, and the data entries and notes you make in a digitized record book can also be electronically archived for ease of storage and retrieval. You can eliminate the chance of unforeseen loss, too, by using cloud storage to permanently safeguard your log book.

Record Keeping Features

As a writer for Forbes Magazine advised in an article on the importance of keeping good records, “don’t forget to properly track what is likely one of your biggest expenses: labor. Whether you’re paying a full staff or you’re the only one on the payroll, make sure you’re tracking the costs of wages, benefits, overtime and any other costs associated with labor. By tracking your spending on labor, perks and benefits, you may find you have more money to incentivize your employees — or that you’re outspending your budget. Either way, doing the math now can help you make better decisions later.”

With an electronic logbook you can manage labor by more precise and appropriate scheduling of employee shifts, too, and by using the apps note-taking and collaborative communication features to do a better job of organizing everything from inventory to reservations and catering engagements. All of those improved managerial controls translate into a more productive team with less overlap of tasks – and that reduces wasted labor and the costs that are associated with that unnecessary labor.

Try it for 30 Days, Risk-Free

Speaking of cost control, it’s impossible to beat a price of zero, and with the Zip Shift Book you can enjoy using it and all of its features for an entire 30 days, without any cost whatsoever. If all restaurant management technologies and software systems were that affordable, more managers and owners would be able to experiment with them, track their value over a month’s time, and then make more informed decisions. Plus this particular digital logbook tool does not require a learning curve, which can take up more employee time that you have to pay for before you realize the benefits of technology. You can hit the ground running without that delay because the app is as easy to use as any smart phone app, and it works on both iPhone and Android platforms. Any employee, whether they are brand new or have been working for you since you opened your doors, can figure out how to use it and start saving you valuable time and money – while tracking performance and keeping an eye on sales and margins – within no time at all.