The year-end holiday shopping season represents a make-or-break time for most retailers. It can also impact the success or failure of other industries, from manufacturers and shippers to companies that supply temporary workers to fill busy shifts at this critical time of year. The key is expert oversight and hands-on management, to keep processes moving forward and operations going smoothly to avoid problems and take full advantage of the once-a-year opportunity.

Digital Solutions to Meet Multiple Challenges

To help you capitalize on the profitable season, offers a full menu of business record management tools and features, that you can run from your desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. Or you can simply download the business management tool to your iPhone or Android device and literally have all that sophisticated capability with you at all times, right there in the palm of your hand.Business Record Management Logbook

A Full-Featured Yet Totally Mobile Management Tool

The menu of features on the business record management logbook includes a center console or digital dashboard, for easy visual monitoring of everything you do within your online logbook manager. Reschedule a meeting, track an order, or call a sales meeting on a moment’s notice. You have the ability to communicate with managers, owners, and teams instantly – and they can respond to you as easily and intuitively as it is to work a typical smart phone app or send and receive text messages or emails. There is an address book incorporated into the system, too, so you can keep it updated with contact info for vendors, clients, and individual employees. You have the versatility to share the program and let everyone download it to their own smartphone.

Expert Management Even Under Intense Conditions

Business management during the holidays is, in many ways, is just like fast growth and expansion. Forbes Magazine featured an article in late 2015 that explained how any business that suddenly experiences a surge in activity is vulnerable to stress, costly mistakes, and a loss of employee morale that can lead to expensive attrition.  Constantly putting out fires takes a toll, both on human resources and on the bottom line – and when that happens during the holidays, when it is vital to capitalize on the seasonal opportunity – it can have a devastating impact on a business. With powerful features, however, a manager logbook can address every one of those problems. The digital app from Zip Shift Book, for example, lets you instantly and intelligently prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and manage your operation without needing to hover over employees and micromanage.

Maintaining Healthy Priorities

That improves the work environment for everyone on the team, which is essential to avoiding attrition. Easily create and archive a digital record of employee performance; access employees instantly to communicate information or resolve customer service problems; and also attend to unforeseen emergencies such as repairs or glitches within the inventory control process.  You have a complete, intuitive dashboard of manager logbook tools, data, updates, and notes is right there at your fingertips – no matter where you or the members of your staff happen to be at any given time. As a manager, once you can complete tasks more easily and control time more effectively, you automatically balance your work/life priorities and free up extra time for the business, its employees, and your own personal life. That makes the digital manager logbook the perfect gift to give yourself and your team members this holiday season, because it is the kind of resource that will reward you all year long.