Access Zip Shift Books’ Employee Record Keeping Logbook from Anywhere with a Phone or Tablet

 Zip Shift Book is compatible for mobile use, thanks to the development of a mobile application version of the electronic record keeping software. Now, not only are business managers capable of viewing real-time shift information on their home and office computers, they are also able to review records via an electronic record keeping logbook on the go and from any location.Electronic Record Keeping

“The decision to develop a mobile version of our products seemed natural, considering the increased demand for ease of use and access of our electronic recordkeeping products in the digital age. Zip Shift Book strives to provide the most effective record keeping logbook product for business owners, supervisors, and management within the hospitality industry during an era when the ability to readily access information is crucial,” says Zip Shift Book’s Senior Developer.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of the mobile app is the ability to check in on business activities regardless of one’s whereabouts. Managers tend to lead busy lives at home and work, and often end up taking their work home with them. Access to a mobile version of Zip Shift Book’s time-saving electronic record keeping tool contributes to a better work-life balance, according to the Senior Developer, who acknowledges the Android and iPhone versions of Zip Shift Book as stress-reducing tools for managers:

“Streamlining and improving existing processes is often at the forefront of a business owner’s mind, and the ability to instantly access information about what’s going on at work even when not there gives managers peace of mind. This permits them to focus on personal activities, run errands, and better utilize their time off.”

Zip Shift Book’s Senior Developer explains that rather than constantly check up on the supervisor on duty to ensure processes are running smoothly, a business owner can simply open up the shift timing reports tool on his Android phone or iPhone to quickly read notes regarding what’s occurred since being out of the office. See what needs to be done faster, communicate with fellow supervisors more efficiently, and don’t sacrifice your time and schedule while doing so. If you need to keep an important appointment or have a family function to attend, take Zip Shift Book with you. Get more out of your down time without stressing about how things are running at work or becoming chained to your computer to view shift updates.

“Zip Shift Book for mobile has proven to be a useful preparatory tool for our clients, too,” says the Senior Developer, who explains that managers have been able to plan daily activities more efficiently by taking a peek at the virtual logbook via their smartphones. In this manner, managers have been able to determine what needs to be done for the day before even arriving at work.

 Overall, it appears that Zip Shift Book for mobile is becoming the go-to means of accessing critical shift information electronically when out of the office, from employee information to important dates and tasks. The mobile version is now available via the Android and Apple stores, and there’s no need to re-purchase the product if you’re already running the traditional version of the software. It’s our way of providing yet another layer of convenience with the mobile version of our electronic record keeping software.”