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zip shift book white paper

The white paper “How to run a restaurant that is programmed for success using Zip Shift Boo” discusses how to achieve consistency in the day-to-day management of your restaurant using Zip Shift Book.

It begins with a discussion of the major reasons why so many restaurants fail in their first years followed by industry Best Practices that help restaurant owners run a successful business.

Readers then learn how to put these recommendations into practice using Zip Shift Book, a software solution that gives them a manager’s log for documenting the customer experience and maintaining a record of employee conduct and that facilitates internal communication between managers and the owner.

Nora_Green Nora Green

In 2008 Nora Green left her job at an investment bank to work as a consultant helping small and medium-sized businesses weather the Financial Crisis. She is an expert in business strategy and using technology to improve efficiency and streamline processes in SMBs. On the weekends she enjoys writing and spending time with her family.

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What people have said about How to run a restaurant that is programmed for success using Zip Shift Book

Stacey Keller, Owner of Stacey’s Food Trucks
“This is great advice for anyone looking for ways to achieve consistency.”

Tom Delang, Founder of Tom’s Place

“As a guy with 15 years of industry experience, I can say that this is some great advice.”


Sarah Barnes, Manager at Beans and Greens

“If your boss is still making you use a paper red book, show them this white paper!