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The eBook “Internal Communication for Restaurant and SMB Managers – Why You Need a Digital Log” offers a look at the importance of effective internal communication.

This eBook looks at the real-life challenges a manager faces in communicating with fellow managers and the business owner. It discusses how to use a log to effectively and why a digital solution is the tool for you.

Lauren RuttledgeLauren Ruttledge

Lauren Ruttledge majored in Corporate Communications and started her career as a digital content manager for a company in the tourism industry in 2009. She enjoys researching and writing about topics in the hospitality industry and keeping up with the latest trends. Lauren is an avid traveler who is always in search of her next adventure. She loves hiking, kayaking and trying exotic foods.

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What people have said about the Absenteeism eBook

Mike Miller
Mike Miller, Area Coach at Fresh Griller “Communicating with other managers can get pretty frustrating. This eBook does a great job of pointing out how to avoid communication breakdowns with a digital log book.”
Tawny Smirz

Tawny Smirz, Regional Manager at Famous Dave’s

“As a manager in the food service industry, I used to think my main job was communicating with guests. This really opened my eyes about how I communicate with my boss and colleagues.”

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith, Owner of Sonny’s

“Restaurants have been the family business for two generations and believe me, I know all about ‘red books’. I admit my generation can be hesitant to embrace technology, but I think it’s time to modernize.”