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New digital log book helps restaurants and SMBs leverage cloud and mobile technology.

Costa Mesa, CA – Hubworks, the maker of Zip Schedules and Zip Clock, today announced the release of its new web-based digital manager’s log, Zip Shift Book. The digital manager’s log helps small and medium-sized business owners and managers streamline the way they document and manage shifts, employee conduct, and the customer experience using cloud technology.

“We talked to a number of restaurant owners and managers who were using our scheduling product and asked them what else we could do to help them improve their business,” said Hubworks Product Manager Nathan Green. “One restaurant manager pulled out his red book, held it up, and said, ‘Make a digital version of this. We’ve got all sorts of important information in here and only one copy for all of us to share.’”

With Zip Shift Book, managers can record all of their shift highlights in a digital log, making the information immediately accessible by their fellow managers and the restaurant owner. This results in a much smoother transition when one shift clocks out and the next shift takes over. Managers can also document positive and negative customer experiences and employee conduct, which makes it easier to identify areas to focus on in staff training and to improve customer service. Owners benefit from the ability to see what is happening at all of their stores and being able to act before small issues turn into big problems.

“Zip Shift Book is a fantastic tool for the entire team,” said Gabe Caringal, Customer Experience Lead at Fresh Griller. “It helps us identify areas for improving our customer service and brings a lot of internal transparency to our daily operations. Our managers can communicate with each other much more efficiently about what goes on during their shifts, which allows them to collaborate better and deliver a much more consistent guest experience.”

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