In the restaurant industry the year-end holiday season is greeted with excitement because of the potential for windfall revenues. Many restaurant owners register the majority of their sales within just a few weeks. But the intensity of the season is also a huge challenge for owners and managers, and can result in stress and inefficiency for those who aren’t able to stay on top of things.Daily Log Sheet

Worse still, that potential for angst can spill over into the dining room, damaging the brand and reputation of any restaurant whose clientele are negatively impacted by the chaos that is symptomatic of a lack of confident and consistent managerial control. As explained in a just-published article from the Harvard Business Review, optimizing the holiday season is not about gimmickry and discount pricing, but about having a sustainable, year-round managerial strategy. What counts in December is what adds value every other month of the year – namely service and customer experience.

Introducing the Zip Shift Book Solution

Fortunately, the innovative digital daily log sheet and shift managing tool from cuts through the clutter and confusion in an instant, to make even the most challenging events and changes a breeze to manage. It’s the most streamlined online digital log book on the market, and anyone who can work a smart phone app can master it almost immediately thanks to a thoroughly intuitive interface.

No investment in tech infrastructure is needed, either. You can download the app and even have your restaurant leveraging it for more efficient hourly and daily task management, log-keeping, and shift oversight almost immediately. In fact, it’s free to use for 30 days, so the advanced app represents nothing but ready-to-deploy upside potential with no risk.

Ultimate Oversight and Accountability

All entries of notes display the user’s name, plus a date and time stamp, which eliminates miscommunication while also confirming that everyone is literally on the same page. That also provides undeniable clarity that is shared by the entire team, for full accountability and improved teamwork and workplace morale.

If a manager is temporarily called away and “out of pocket,” they can still be present to help run the show, too, because their log book is with them, conveniently accessible from their smart phone or other mobile device. By just checking the app they can monitor what’s going on in the front of the restaurant as well as in the kitchen – and that makes life easier for everyone by reducing inefficiency and saving time, labor, and money.

Everyone On the Same Page

Just when the challenge is greatest, an illness on the staff or other unforeseen incident can wreck a shift and send managers scrambling for answers and solutions. But the digital log sheet proactively manages an entire menu of potential catastrophes before they ever have the opportunity to even hatch.

Managers can highlight urgent entries, for instance, giving you the ability to prioritize tasks for anyone in the restaurant, just by using the app. There is an integrated phone book registry, too, so there is no need to search the office for an employee or vendor’s phone number. It’s all there, a click or two away, as part of the task-managing app. Zip Checklist speaks your language too, regardless of what nation’s cuisine happens to be your signature specialty. Seamless operation is available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese, just by selecting your personal preference.