To succeed in business and ensure that your employees deliver their best, most consistent work, you have to empower everyone on your team with appropriate resources and support. One of the most significant ways to do that is to get rid of old-fashioned and ineffective paper shift books and start using a fully functional digital log book or shift book to run your operation. Your managers will be able to handle more responsibility, you will be able to more easily train and delegate, and the capability of digital, customizable log book deployment can help you expand and grow without the unwanted risk of stretching yourself too thin.

Digital Shift Notes

Digital Technology to Get Ahead

To be successful in today’s competitive business environment, says business management expert Dorie Clark, you have to distinguish yourself as unique and valuable. Technology is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to get ahead of the crowd and define your brand and value to your customers. A digital logbook capable of instantly recording and sharing shift notes, for instance, offers that advantage by reducing labor, minimizing wasted time, and increasing the collaborative communication and teamwork that drives innovation.

Customize a Log Book to Fit Your Needs

But she is quick to point out that you also have to manage your time effectively so you can have the work/life balance to perform at the top of your game. That is one of the greatest challenges for managers, owners, and employees alike – and can impact everything from on-the-job morale and productivity to one’s level of stress and susceptibility to illness that causes workplace absences and disruptions. Almost all issues regarding teamwork in the business world can be traced back to communication and finances – and with the right log book you can better monitor and track your expenses while dramatically upgrading your internal and external communications.

Log Book Shift Note Sharing

The glue that binds a team of employees is their shift notes, without which one person may have no idea what the other is doing – which can lead to costly oversights, redundancies, or conflicts. No matter how clear and articulate your notes happen to be, however, they won’t matter at all unless they are effectively shared in a timely fashion. The problem with many businesses is that by the time employees have a chance to write or review shift notes, the shift is over and the notes may no longer be relevant. A digital set of shift notes eliminates that problem, because they can be sent as fast as a text message and shared via a handy smart phone.

Align Your Priorities and Your Team

With an advanced digital shift book program that makes shift notes easy to create, share, archive, and store in the cloud for added security and future reference, businesses can be managed easier and smarter. Accountability becomes enhanced, because the shift notes reflect each employee’s responsibilities – and those can also be integrated into a calendar, various customizable checklists or task managers, and even a centralized address book for ease of information distribution. Your team will be better informed, more cohesive, and will understand their individual and group priorities – which is a tremendous time and energy-saving asset to any business, regardless of how large or small it may be.