Regardless of what kind of business you run that operates on a shift system, you need staff shift logbook software to track procedures, stay current with checklists, and make sure people are on time and on top of their duties. With a centralized and mobile shift logbook that everyone uses, you can effectively manage every shift at a more professional and efficient level.

Limitations of Non-Digital Logbooks

The problem is that a traditional and manually implemented staff shift logbook can getStaff Shift Logbook Software

  • If you leave it at home or cannot recall where it was last time you used it, it becomes worthless to you. People also frequently forget to add their notes to the shift logbook.
  • What if you try to have shift logbook software for one department, location, store, or part of your restaurant, for example, and another for your other locations or facilities? Then you often wind up with too much overlap and confusing entries that are not synchronized.
  • Even using a basic wall calendar you will have serious contradictory entries if you have one at one office and another across town, because what one person puts on their calendar won’t show up on the other calendar.
  • Similarly, using any kind of logbook software means you need to have instant capability to update each and every entry, for each and every employee who refers to the logbook.

That’s why logbook software that utilizes a web-based logbook solution is far superior to the conventional shift logbook. If you aren’t using this kind of digital technology, you need to be – before your competition outpaces you.

The Flexible Features of a Web-Based Logbook

The logbook, for example, is accessible 24/7, from anywhere in the world, by as many people as you have on your staff or payroll. All they have to do is connect through any mobile device, and the logbook app is fully compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms.

It’s impossible to lost it or misplace it, because you can keep it – and all the data on it – securely stored in the cloud. That ensures clear, instant communication and sharing of information and data with everybody on your team – and helps to eliminate so many problems that can cause a breakdown in effective collaboration, scheduling, note-sharing, and interaction.

You know as soon as someone adds notes to the logbook or makes a schedule, delivery, or job description change. You can use the on-board address book to contact employees, vendors, repair people, or service contractors – and all of your team leaders will be able to utilize the same information.

A Smart Upgrade That’s a No-Brainer

Everything is intuitively engineered so that no extra training is necessary, and you don’t need a technical background or infrastructure to run the logbook. If employees can work a smart phone app, they can become adept at using this digital logbook software, and all of its robust features, right away. There is no need for a long learning curve or downtime. Simply download it and you’re ready to deploy it.

If you need to have it ready and working in time for your next shift today or this evening, that’s 100% doable. In fact, for the first 30 days, you don’t even need to invest any money because it’s free to use as much as you like. Even after the free introductory period the cost is so modest that virtually any business, on any budget, can take advantage of it and watch as it essentially pays for itself in savings of time, money, and labor.