Anyone who runs a business already realizes how important it is to have a daily log book template for employees and managers to follow. Without having a way to track schedule changes, checklists to be done, tasks that have been completed, orders and inventory updates, and other activities a business can soon become unwieldy and downright unmanageable. But in this day of high-speed digital technology, companies that still rely on an old-fashioned logbook template may still lose managerial control and also lose ground to more up-to-date competitors.

Digital Daily Logbook Template

A Full Range of App-Based Features

But whether you run a small project crew, a retail business, a restaurant, or some other kind of large or small company the log book template has solutions tailored to your needs. There is a manager log, a reservation scheduling feature, and a variety of convenient ways to track sales or create your own employee journal where members of the staff can make notes. Use checklists to keep up with opening and closing duties or regulatory guideline compliance. Compile data for internal or external audits, or to make sure you are prepared for your next inspection or on-site visit from key investors.

Backup and Redundancy Safeguards

Of course the digital universe is not perfect, and there are times when your computer network may crash, your business will be knocked off the power grid, or someone will need immediate access to that data even though they are away from your office, store, or restaurant. That’s not a problem with the Zip Shift Book, though, because you have the option to store all of your logbook content in the cloud. Connect to the cloud using your favorite system, too, to upload files and graphics from your desktop via services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon Cloud Drive. That gives you the additional security and peace of mind that owners and managers need when trying to stay on top of running a busy enterprise.

Did You Lose Your Digital Employee Logbook?

One of the greatest headaches for an owner or manager is when someone on their staff loses the all-important employee logbook. That renders it useless to everyone on the team and can bring an otherwise smooth-running operation to a grinding halt while time and money slips through your hands. But with a digital logbook, you have the ability to archive and save everything within your

work logbook software, so all of that critical data and needed information is safe. In other words, it is virtually impossible to lose the employee logbook. There is even a special “lost and found” feature on the app, which is great when a customer leaves behind a credit card, purse, or umbrella.

Smart Phone Compatible

Employees and managers can carry this logbook on their phone, too, so that everyone has their copy of the logbook to keep informed of any changes to protocols, schedules, pricing, or personnel. There is a built-in address book, a central dashboard, and the features of the app – which works the way other smart phone apps do – can be customized to better fit your company’s specific needs. But the digital log is just as easy to use as any other smart phone app, so you don’t have to worry about taking time to train employees. The design is so user-friendly and intuitive that anyone can figure out how to leverage its capabilities and multiple features almost immediately. There is also no cost to try it out for 30 days, so you and your staff can start now and begin reaping the benefits of a powerfully engineered business logbook app today.