The Proven Value of Smart Business Technology

Research conducted at the Graziadio School of Business Management at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California, confirmed that smart business solutions, which some scholars refer to as Business Intelligence Systems (BIS), have the potential to significantly enhance operations as well as performance for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.

Back in the 1990s the first implementation of analytic and reporting interface tools was experimented with and since then the sophistication and capability of BIS has increased exponentially. Fortunately, the digital revolution has also brought the cost of implementing BIS down to a level that is affordable for any small, medium, or large business.

Employee Log Book Template

One of the most widely-used and helpful BIS tools is the digital or electronic log book template, which replaces conventional printed employee log book templates.

Why Dashboards Are So Useful

With the Zip Shift Book electronic logbook, for example, you even have the convenience and centralized power of a highly visible and easy to navigate digital dashboard. Why is that so important and valuable? The university study explained:

“Two salient features of the new generation of BIS are integration and visualization. Typically, this information flow is presented to the manager via a graphics display called a Dashboard. A BIS Dashboard serves the same function as a car’s dashboard. Specifically, it reports key organizational performance data and options on a near real time and integrated basis.”

The software does all of that, and more. The researchers also found that dashboard-based systems provide managers with systems and tools in a user friendly environment, making organization-wide analysis and integrated decision making a simpler and more efficient process. This kind of employee log book template gives everyone the same wide-ranging toolkit in an easy-to-read and use visual dashboard like those used on the most advanced digital platforms.

Implementing Your Own BIS Strategy

The successful development of a BIS strategy – the study also revealed – depends upon three key elements. First, you need value. In the case of a digital log book, there are many benefits and features that each contribute to powerful, time and labor-saving value. Second, you need a system that people will utilize, because unless they take advantage of it and put it to work then it serves no practical purpose. That’s one of the most often touted features of the Zip Shift log book, which is so easy for companies to adopt because all employees do is download an app and they can hit the ground running.

The third issue cited was affordability, because even if a tool can save you time and trouble, it won’t be worth it if it eats too far into your profit margins or goes over budget. In fact, the researchers at Pepperdine University suggested that companies may need to outsource the implementation of BIS and be prepared to spend at least $1 million for the necessary infrastructure and training.

The Zip Shift logbook, meanwhile, is free for 30 days, and after than introductory period there is only a nominal subscription fee. Considering all these compelling features and benefits, it really makes no sense for any company to continue working with an outdated logbook system, when there is a digital solution that meets and exceeds expectations across the board.