Having a logbook tool to refer to and use to keep track of task management is essential for any manager, but especially those who are in the restaurant industry where the work is intense and dynamics are constantly changing. Relying on conventional shift books can be a grave mistake under those circumstances, because if the book is misplaced or someone fails to enter pertinent information into it that can create miscommunication, mistakes, and a domino effect of problems. But with newer and more adaptable and capable digital logbooks that have a logbook template created especially for the restaurant business, those potential problems can be averted while efficiency and performance is consistently enhanced.

The Demands on a Restaurant Manager

Logbook Template

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the role of a food service manager as one that is multifaceted – requiring coordination of everything from front-end dining staff and customer service to kitchen oversight and working with the chef to remedy delays in orders being prepared during any given shift. That kind of responsibility can put huge demands on a manager, who basically needs to be everywhere at once with a hand in every part of the restaurant’s operation. When a manager is also expected to oversee multiple locations or off-site catering or food trucks, in addition to inside dining, the job can quickly become overwhelming – to the detriment of the business.

Digitized Online Logbook Solutions

A digital restaurant shift book can simplify the process of staffing shifts, rearranging employee schedules, replacing employees at the last minute who call in sick, and tracking metrics and manager notes to help calculate the optimum number of employees for each particular shift. There is a centralized dashboard and an integrated address book, too, which makes communication between everyone on the team easy and instantaneous. When it comes to avoiding disputes about responsibilities and who is accountable for what tasks and which shifts, the logbook also solves that challenge because it is a documented and archived record – which can be securely backed-up in the cloud for future reference.

A Handy Tool for Vendor Relations

Managers are also in charge of vendor relationships, as well as arranged for such things as cleaning, maintenance, and repairs by outside service contractors such as janitorial companies, electricians, and equipment wholesalers. With a digital logbook, all of that can be managed from a smart phone app or by using an online logbook template. Orders can be placed, tracked, and managed from one central location – but the manager does not have to be on the premises. The logbook template is completely portable and viewable from virtually any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Vendors and service people can even download the app to their own smart phones in order to have access to instant communication and to make notes, follow checklists, and contact owners, managers, chefs, or accounting departments.

The Ultimate Digital Managerial Assistant

Most managers also perform a variety of administrative tasks that can also include oversight of restaurant and bar licensing, taxes, wages, and inspections by health departments and alcohol regulatory agencies. If they forget to file by a deadline, miss an appointment, or lose track of important documents that can lead to serious problems, fines, and even restaurant closure. That’s why a digital logbook that helps to organize, schedule, and manage all of those responsibilities can be a valuable aid and an indispensible tool for any restaurant owner or manager.