Why Choose Enterprise Digital Logbook?

enhance communication

Improve Communication

Quickly address issues and avoid any miscommunication. Zip Shiftbookensures that all of your shift managers are on the same page at all times.

improve customer relations

Prioritize Customer Retention

In Zip Shiftbook, increase customer retention by knowing exactly how your customer’s experience went. Take advantage of valuable customer feedback to adjust, improve, and expand your business.

increase company morale

Increase Company Morale

Zip Shiftbook allows you to measure the performance of all your employees, and how it affects your business. When you give recognition where it’s due, you ensure that both your employees and customers are satisfied.

manage all locations with ease

Manage All Locations with Ease

Keep track of business activities and streamline the way you stay informed on your restaurant. With Zip Shiftbook, digitize your logbooks so that you can stay organized even during peak hours.

Trust in Zip Shiftbook to monitor and organize all of your logbooks across multiple locations. Our application simplifies your processes by organizing them in manager logs, employee journals, and intuitive reports.

With these features, prioritize your most critical issues. When everyoneis synced up together, you eliminate the potential for reoccurring errors and have the tools needed to determine where you are needed the most.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Your existing customers are the backbone of a successful restaurant business, and are how you’ll maintain regular business.

Zip Shiftbook enables you to build a brand that provides exceptional service so that you can increase customer loyalty. Use customer feedback to visualize the guest experience, making note of your strengths and taking action on your weaknesses. Customer retention ischallenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing exactly how you can improve your business is an essential part to making sure your restaurant succeeds.

increase customer loyalty
commendation and disciplinary action

Commendation and Disciplinary Actions

Show recognition and appreciation to those that embody the core values of your business. Instill leadership within your employees, recognize their efforts, and assist those who need the extra improvement.

With Zip Shiftbook, our application features employee reports that allow you to measure and monitor the growth of your employees. By increasing the visibility of what goes on in every shift, you gain control of your operations. When you’re able to commend efficient workers, the productivity and performance of your workplace increases dramatically.


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