Powerful Logbook App for iOS and Android

Mobile logbook app designed to streamline managerial duities.

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With our feature-rich logbook app, managers can log, track, and manage employee conduct, shift notes, and the customer experience.

Monitor and handle employee conduct

Track employee conduct in real-time

Use our logbook app to track employee attendance, conduct, and availability in real-time.

Track disciplinary actions and commendations

Our logbook app easily tracks employee commendations for a job well done and records disciplinary actions.

Manage the customer experience

Log comments and complaints

Knowing when your customers are happy is just as important as knowing when they aren't. Zip Shift Book logs and reports the customer experience.

Review, plan, and take action

Our logbook app allows managers to review, plan, and take action to improve the customer experience.

Stay on top of communication between shifts

Make shift transitions smoother

Using our logbook app, managers will always know what happened on the previous shift and if there are any pressing matters to handle.

Save money by preventing unexpected costs

Never be caught off guard again! Zip Shift Book lets managers report and log maintenance requests and needs to help prevent accidents and unexpected costs.

Integrated address book for faster service

Don't waste time searching for numbers

Stop wasting time searching for service numbers. Zip Shift Book comes with an integrated address book so contact information is right at your fingertips.

Keep notes on contacts

Keep detailed notes on every contact with our logbook app's built-in address book.

Get these awesome features in our mobile apps...

See updates in real-time

View every manager's notes in real-time within the logbook app, so everyone is always kept in the loop.

Fast, simple installation

Don't waste time scratching your head. Our logbook app comes with simple, fast installation to get you up and running in no time.

Expand the features with more apps

Expand the logbook app features with a host of compatible, powerful, productivity apps. Free to try.

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