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The new way to organize your shift management. Zip Shift Book is a digital shift log book for

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Internal Communication for Restaurant and SMB Managers
– Why You Need a Digital Log

Learn more about internal communication for managers and how smart business owners are using technology to improve the way they operate.

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The most streamlined digital log book on the market

The efficient way to keep track of what happens during a shift. Zip Shift Book is an online digital logbook for shift and employee management.

Monitor dynamic checklists

Monitor employee conduct with the digital Employee Journal

Record and access store notes

Record and access shift notes from any device with online software and mobile apps

Ensure compliance with search, time-stamp, and document storage.

Manage your customer’s experience with digital software to increase satisfaction

Built to serve your needs

Whether you run a local restaurant or a national retailer, Zip Shift Book’s digital log book software will help your business run more smoothly.

See how Zip Shift Book helped improve communication between managers at Fresh Griller.

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“We used to have stacks of files and log books, and could never keep track of our paperwork. Zip Shift Book keeps everything organized. It never takes me more than a minute to find what I’m looking for.”

Tawny Smirz, Regional Manager at Famous Daves

“With Zip Shift Book’s mobile app I can check if anything out of the ordinary happened before I leave for work. I know what to expect and it saves me a lot of surprises when I get there!”

Jon Evrard, General Manager at Fresh Griller

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Monitor your store wherever you go

You worked hard to build your business and you want to know what’s going on when you aren’t there. Our mobile apps allows you to read all your managers’ notes on your mobile device any time, anywhere.

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