Manage your
Business on the go!

Zip Shiftbook helps you gain control of your operations. With Zip Shiftbook, you can easily access all of your shift logs on our mobile application. This means that regardless of where you are, you can inputdetails of a previous shift, or even take notes on shift details right whenthey happen. Managing your logbooks is simple. Just find the category of what you want to record and hit enter.

manage business
easy and secure

Enhance The
Customer Experience

We understand the importance of customer
retention and how it can positively boost your
sales, and with this Digital Logbook, you can push
your boundaries and attract new consumers.

What sets our app apart



Real time Updates

Real-time Updates

Enhanced Organization

Organization and

data security

Data Security and

A digital logbook in the palm
of your hands.

Manage employee performance, customer experiences and
business activity throughout the day!

  • All Option in one Place Keeping the track of business activity has never been easier
  • A Revolutionary tool to log your Store’s day to day activity.
  • Get in touch with your colleagues on the go!
  • Keep a non time bound track of all your employee’s performance with the all new staff journal
  • Keep all your Important Document safe with cloud storage and Military grade encryption.
logbook your hand