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Streamlined Shift
Made Easy

Stay organized with everything in one place. Ensure
seamless coordination among your managers during
every shift.


An innovative user interface
that is simple to utilize for any
retail business.

4 Benefits

You'll Gain From Us

improve customer

Improve Customer

enhance communication


optimize business

Optimize Business

boost awareness

Boost Awareness

The Clients That
Trust Us

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accessible shift

Accessible Shift Notes

track employee

Track Employee Performance

establish set

Establish Set Standards

customer retention

Customer Retention

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What Our Application Can Do For You

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Easily Track
Your Daily Operations

Stay informed at all times with specific details
on operations, employees, and customer
experiences accessible all in one place, allowing
your business to run at its finest.

Share Information
With Each Other

With this Digital Logbook, managers can generate
digital logbooks efficiently. When writing notes or shift highlights, you make it simple for your team to share information and keep everyone on the same page.

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Make Informed
Business Decisions

Using this Digital Logbook, establishing
standards for your business becomes easier
than ever because you’ll have a deep
understanding of your operations.

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By utilizing Zip ShiftBook,
restaurants can experience an
increase in Customer Retention by

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Enhance The
Customer Experience

We understand the importance of customer
retention and how it can positively boost your
sales, and with this Digital Logbook, you can push
your boundaries and attract new consumers.

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Mobile On The Go | Easy To Use

Cloud Storage

This Digital Logbook offers a
Cloud Library so that you
can store important
documents and secure
them in one location.

Access Business

With this software application, you
can easily access all of your shift
logs on our mobile application.Just
find the category of what you want
to record and hit enter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started?

Navigate to the top of this page and click on Start Now. Get your information set up and then start utilizing this great communication tool for restaurants.

How can I access Zip Shiftbook?

You can access Zip Shiftbook on both web and mobile app. The mobile apps are availabe in both android and ios. Having this app available on mobile provides instant visibility into the restaurant's communication. This is a great tool for area managers and directors to get insight onto store level communication.

What are the benefits?

It has a single platform where all managers can record events, provide shift feedback and to raise awareness of any upcoming events or opportunities. These records are time stamped and searchable. It's a great tool to record team member feedback which can then be used to verify performance.

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