Dakota Sheetz

Dakota is a Content Marketing Coordinator and SEO strategist at Altametrics. His role is to develop and implement content campaigns to provide useful and informative articles to decision-makers in the restaurant and food industry.

Developing Kitchen Communication Between the Front and Back House

Establishing effective communication between kitchen and restaurant staff is crucial for your business success
developing kitchen communication between the front and back house

Which Key Performance Indicators Matter for Employee Evaluations?

Find out which key performance indicators for employee evaluations are necessary. Learn how to use KPIs to improve employee performance and satisfaction.
which key performance indicators matter for employee evaluations

Navigating Communication Between Supervisor and Employee

Being the master of navigating communication between supervisor and employee takes practice, but you will quickly learn how beneficial it can be.
navigating communication between supervisor and employee

How to Properly Evaluate Employee Performance

Find out how to evaluate employee performance with reviews. Learn the best practices for evaluating your employees in the workplace.
how to properly evaluate employee performance

Understanding Restaurant Operations and How to Improve

There's more to restaurant operations than food. In fact, there's an entire process that requires constant improvement. How are your operations looking?
understanding restaurant operations and how to improve

Top Internal Communication Strategies to Improve Your Business

Most businesses take a customer-centric approach towards managing their operations but it is important to develop an internal communication strategy to improve the overall employee experience.
top internal communication strategies to improve your business

The Best Methods for Effective Employee Communication

Effective employee communication makes sure your business is running smoothly by conveying the right message, using proper channels, and fostering a safe environment for feedback.
the best methods for effective employee communication

Effective Ways to Share Work Updates

Sharing a work update is essential to keeping your team informed and meeting critical goals. Here's how to share work updates effectively.
effective ways to share work updates

Building a Successful Restaurant Communication Plan

A restaurant communication plan can be the difference between a functional workplace and a chaotic one. Which one is yours? Learn how to make a change here.
building a successful restaurant communication plan