Mary Kate Morrow

Mary Kate Morrow is a writer, editor, and social media professional currently employed as a Digital Content Writer at Altametrics. She previously graduated with both a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature and a Bachelors degree in Gender Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.

How to Properly Manage a Staff Schedule

Staff schedule management is a crucial business process that requires managing many employees and their work schedules simultaneously.
how to properly manage a staff schedule

How to Optimize Your Business' Work Schedule

Schedule optimization is a low cost scheduling solution that increases both employee and customer experience.
how to optimize your business work schedule

Challenges Leaders Face When Managing Remote Employees

Challenges managing remote employees are easily mitigated if remote employees and their managers are provided the proper tools.
challenges leaders face when managing remote employees

Best Employee Scheduling Techniques

Proper employee scheduling techniques decrease employee burnout while increasing business profitability.
best employee scheduling techniques

To Buy or Not to Buy- Is Shift Management Software Worth It?

Shift management software is an investment in your business that increases profitability and employee scheduling accommodation capacity.
to buy or not to buy is shift management software worth it

Tips to Improve Shift Communication

Shift communication is crucial for avoiding staff conflicts and using business resources most effectively.
tips to improve shift communication

The Advantages and Responsibilities of a Shift Manager

Shift manager responsibilities range from task delegation to addressing customer complaints.
the advantages and responsibilities of a shift manager

Developing an Employee Schedule and Why it Matters

Creating an employee schedule with scheduling software decreases unnecessary resource expenditure.
developing an employee schedule and why it matters

How to Utilize a Shift Calendar When Scheduling Employees

A shift calendar is a helpful tool for keeping employee scheduling effective and efficient.
how to utilize a shift calendar when scheduling employees

How to Effectively Manage Employee Shifts

Employee shift management is crucial for optimizing both business productivity and employee retention levels.
how to effectively manage employee shifts